Welcome to the Baird T Spalding discussion site

Baird T Spalding was an American author and mystic who wrote a popular series of books The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. Since their first printing in 1924, Spalding’s books have sold millions of copies, but Spalding’s life story remains shrouded in mystery.

Over the coming months this site will be discussing Spalding’s life and his books, and the mystery surrounding this popular author. Topics will include the religious movements that inspired Spalding, his personal life story, and the truth about his trips to India.

More than fifty years after his death, Spalding remains an important influence on New Age and occult thought. The intent of this site is to reveal the man behind the mystery and encourage a broad, factual discussion of his work.

Commentary and written contributions are welcome from those who have read and been influenced by Spalding.


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60 Responses to “Welcome to the Baird T Spalding discussion site”

  1. Krishna says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have studied these books for more than six years on s regular basis. I would like to know more about this. Hi Charlotte, I’m interested in going to India and I have some directions about what some of the places could be.
    Hi Todd, I would like to comunicate with you as well.
    Thanks .

  2. DeWayne says:

    Hi everyone, after reading the first Volume of Masters, I have the need to discuss these writings in detail. I have compared my 15+ years of Biblical background, with European beliefs and traditions mixed in. And now I am combining in depth Yoga knowledge with TCM (Traditonal Chinese Medicine), linking energetic flow through organ specified channels, emotions, elements and 5 element theory. Combining chakras with Acupuncture points, extra acupuncture points, their functions, and ancient meditational methods to practice for continued enlightenment. In depth knowledge and input is what I am ver hungry for. If anyone can direct me in the direction of my interest it would be very appreciated.

  3. DeWayne says:

    Feel free to notify me with any questions about my perspective. As I would like to know more from others experience. Thank you

  4. Tony says:

    I wish to have an original of journey to the east by Baird T Spalding which could be stored at sandiego-library where Nguyen Phong found it. Any chance ?

  5. todd says:

    Tony, I am fairly certain that the Nguyen Phong book is fiction. Baird T Spalding never wrote a book titled “Journey to the East”, and there are far too many errors in the book for it to be factual, as noted in the article on this site. It appears that Nguyen Phong simply made up the story about discovering the book in San Diego to give his fiction more credibility. I’ve emailed Nguyen Phong about it, but he has not responded.

  6. Tony says:

    Thanks for your information. And other word ” SHAMBALA” IS mentioned in his book.
    I am curious about it . Ref : http://tinyurl.com/peucvtj

  7. J’ai lu ce livre en 1973 à la polyvalente de St Expéry , et il ma suivit depuis cet époque ! ce livre est une splendeur , celui ou celle qui prend le travail au sérieux à partir des trésors étalés dans ces pages à la chance de vivre par expérience personnel … et de transcender sa conscience inférieur ( mortel ) vers Celle Supérieur cet à dire La vrai Intelligence c’est à dire la Vérité .. allez de l’avant allez y maintenant .

  8. Debi Peppe says:

    I would love to have a real conversation. You are welcome to use my email address. It is difficult to find people who think along these lines. Look forward to a response.

  9. Exalus Jeff says:

    Hello! Mon mom est Jeff j’ai passé plus de mois a lire et a comprendre le document est LA VIE DES MAÎTRES ce document m’a vraiment étonné énormément et m’a ouvert les yeux, cependant j’aimerais tellement avoir un peu de confirmation sur certains points… Et en plus j’ai beaucoup d’amis qui sont intéressés par ce document dont nous avons consacré des heures à ce document…
    Je ne veux pas allé aux Indes pour voir mes maîtres mais j’ai vraiment besoin d’un guide, vu depuis l’enfant on nous a enseigné des choses qui ont des limites extrêmes mais enfin de compte tout est déjà parmis nous…
    Je suis passion et très motivé a ce sujet… Un guide ou aide spirituelle m’aidera a atteindre un niveau de conscience plus elevé qu’aujourd’hui…

    Mail: Jeff.exalus@gmail.com
    Tel: +50938567760

  10. willem gr says:

    I read the spread and it gave me the information what i wanted.
    I had the question, was spalding occult are not, the occult is using inner engenering and wisdom, to (evolve) to light beiing, but in my believe , a false ligth being. Spalding also could be false, but i liked the book so much, the lessons where so deep, it was hard to emagion, but i want to keep the option open.

    As i now understood, reading the treaths, spalding is fine,because the christ conciousnes has to do with jesus, because budha can point you the way, but jesus is the light, he said it on the backside of the book.
    People are here talking but masters in the time, but Jesus is the true master, the others are maybe a way, but not the way.
    I think it is pretty essentiol to reconige that, other wise the occult is evolving in.

    I think there is good in bad, maybe not in the supreme, but look at this world, how many people worship the occult and secret geometry, how many people had and have to suffer of that, the danger of one nes is to close your eyes for that, i think that love is the universal power, but without God, there would be none.

    I believe in Jesus Christ as my saviour and i want to learn from him and Spalding is giving information to learn and understand better the lessons of him.

    Its not only the lessons, its about Jesus, thats why he put it on the back of his book, hope you understand would i ment, there is a lot of misleading in this world, good luck and live to you all.

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