State Department releases Spalding passport records

Baird T Spalding's 1935 passport photo

Baird T Spalding's 1935 passport photo

As regular readers are aware, my research into the fascinating story of Baird T Spalding has been delayed for several months while the Department of State searched their archives for his 1935 passport application.

The wait came to an end today, with the release of Spalding’s passport records, including an affidavit of his birth. The revelations include an alternate spelling of Spalding’s name and confirm much of the research posted here on the blog, including Spalding’s date of birth in 1872. Indeed, the passport records turned out to be critical for piercing the mystery of Spalding’s life. I’ll be posting more details over the next week, including for the first time an accurate account of Spalding’s full family history.


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