The Baird T Spalding FAQ

I’ve received a large number of emails from readers with questions about Spalding, often relating to the 1894 research expedition to India featured in Life and Teaching Volume 1. Now the blog has grown larger, answers are not  easy to find and some are buried in the comments.

To assist new visitors I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page that addresses most of the information published here to date. Please let me know if you have suggestions for the Baird T Spalding FAQ.


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10 Responses to “The Baird T Spalding FAQ”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi, Great to find a little more info in Baird.
    Has anyone pointed out that the pic of him in his coffin in the 6th volume doesn’t look like him… at all. And where did that “radiation burn” growth on his nose come from? It didn’t appear in any other photos that I know of?
    Please let me know if anyone else has any ideas on this.
    Thank you.

  2. Tony says:

    Spalding and his entourage stayed in the Himalayas area for a couple of decades and wrote a series of books on the subject of Jesus {Immanuel} and claims he lived there for many years before dying at a very old age {117}. His research encouraged Hitler to send teams of explorers to the area in the 1930s. Spalding reported on time travel technology and magical events associated with the appearances of a ‘Christ-like being’.

  3. todd says:

    Tony, that’s interesting speculation but it’s not true. Spalding did not spend decades in the Himalayas. His sole trip to India in 1935 was only a few weeks, and he spent most of it in the cities. The time camera is simply another Spalding tall tale he concocted for his books.

  4. Im a new comer, having just discovered the books. Spelled bounded I read vol 1 in one go and was flying on the high vibration of the teachings. Stumbled onto this site to learn more about the author. After finding out Baird never went to India when he wrote the books, I literally heard the Masters LOL! Hahaha! The God realm is so full of humor! Well… How should I view the books, the teachings, the author, this site, you me Christ? Once again I AM left on my own, so to speak; the spiritual path is a lonely journey, no one, mortal or god, can accompany me. Even as the Masters have all good will to help me, they’ve to step back and let me go at it by myself. Oh! Another magical day in New Reality. I love this life!

  5. David Tame says:

    Jenny, your experience is shared by many. It’s the interesting thing about the Spalding books. Through them untold thousands have found real truth (IMHO) and been led to various organisations and Paths of much benefit. It seems quite a test of peoples’ faith – understandably – when they then discover their own starting point was in fiction. That’s where we have to go within I suppose and assess what we still adhere to or not, and that we haven’t lost faith in it ALL.

  6. Frank says:

    Todd, I don’t care much about where he was born. And being 22 while participating in such an expedition is not very likely, but neither is it impossible. However, you seem to be saying that Spalding has made only one trip to India, in 1935 and only for a few weeks? If so, that would change the whole outlook. But what makes you say that?

  7. todd says:

    Thanks very much for your comments Frank. I have a large number of documents, first hand correspondence and the like that show Spalding liked to tell some tall tales, and this was a fairly consistent pattern throughout his life.

    Regarding his travel to India, I have copies of Spalding’s passport records from the Department of State, which are undoubtedly genuine because they have his photograph, signature, personal details and are signed by his brother as a witness. He got his first passport in 1935 for a well publicized trip to India with a group of his followers. There are several reports from people on that trip to which it became clear after several weeks in Calcutta that Spalding had never visited India previously, and under pressure Spalding admitted that the expedition described in the books never took place.

    There is an biography about the Yukon Gold Rush in the 1890’s by a friend of Spalding (Yukon voyage: unofficial log of the steamer Yukoner, By Walter H. Curtin) which shows that Spalding was in the Yukon mining for gold during the 1890’s, not in India as claimed. I’ve found several third party records that verify this, including press clippings, court records and Spalding’s mothers obituary which mentioned that Baird was in Alaska at the time of her death.

  8. Frank says:

    OK, but this is a crucial issue, Todd, much more important than his place and date of birth. May I suggest that you create a new WP page, and show us the evidence that proves he never was in India in the 1890’s? (I would also like to see made clear that in the 1890’s it was already necessary to have a passport to cross borders. This has not always been the case, there will be some sort of a starting date.)

  9. KlausRa says:

    Dear Todd & co

    I found this website some days ago, and it truly made me ponder. The Spalding books had been a great reminder of my own inherent divinity; from the very beginning they rang a bell of truth in me. I wanted to understand the info on this website in relation to what Spalding was writing about, in relation to what his message is.

    I sense that the lies about his first trip to India 1890’s could be explained by the following comment elsewhere on this site:

    “In the MU-books, Churchward claimed to have been in the Tibet region “with a group of young scholars” in the 1890′s. He also states in his books that he returned to America with the majority of the group, but that a few stayed behind to study further with the Masters. The information in his books he claims to have learned from these Masters…

    Would it be possible that Churchward asked Stella (Spalding’s wife) to write/translate “The life and teaching of master” and Baird decided to spread the story via his new-though movement (magazines)… ?”

    So it may well be a fact that Spalding never made the great trip himself, but that Churchward did it (in some form) and relayed the material to Spalding as Churchward’s scientific explanations about the continent of MU were already quite a bit for the world to swallow.

    But as other commentators have also written Spaldings message is beautifully consistent through all 6 volumes. Such wisdom cannot be created by some foolish charlatan full of senseless tall tales. I just read again the final 6th volume and was overjoyed by Spaldings texts. He makes my heart sing! That is my measure for truth!

    My website “A Godseed Sprouting” at is an example of how I myself write in the same landscape of inspiration. My recent text “Maybe this is the day?!” happens to share the very same message that finishes the whole bookseries with the heading: “JESUS SAID…”

    In God Within I Trust

    Klaus Ra

  10. Jim Nelson says:

    At a used book store a number of years ago I bought a book “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”. I pulled it out of my bookcase today and I saw that it is signed by Spaulding. It says, ”To Antonette B. Stimson (spelling?) with kindest regards from Baird T. Spaulding July 25,1935”
    I am wondering if anyone knows who Antonette B. Stimson is? Is a signed copy of this book valuable?

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