Up next – Two hours with Baird T Spalding

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet with Bob Cowles in San Francisco. Bob met Baird T Spalding in Los Angeles during the early 1950’s, and related some of Spalding’s tall tales to me. I’ll be publishing a brief article on Bob and Spalding’s meeting soon.


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  1. RL says:

    thanks Esteban and Yves

    really, ”a course in miracles” is a good continuation of the writtings of B. Spalding

    and also ”a course of love” (mari perron)

    RL, ( aloquies@yahoo.ca )

  2. Francis says:

    lisez vous mal ? êtes vous trop théoriciens ? Louis colombelle met Krupa Rao one of the master and another person went into the ashram of krupa Rao, one of the master. Mais la France est trop mentale, we have difficulties to practise, too much intellectual !!!

    Qui aime les Maitres me suit ! Ma fontanelle est ouverte depuis 1997, j’ai lu le livre en 1996, 19 years later I am connected to them, I go to India in beginning of 2016.

  3. RL says:


    tenez moi absolument au courant

  4. RL says:

    les échanges avec la confrérie se poursuit et n’est jamais entravé par ce qu’on imagine habituellement

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