Comforter League of Light – your help needed

It’s a little known fact that before Spalding published Life and Teachings as a book in 1924, it was published in periodical form in 1922 by a San Francisco based New Thought group called Comforter League of Light.

I managed to find a single copy of the Comforter magazine from 1922 and there is a chapter of Life and Teachings included, and it refers to Spalding as a member of the group. I have also researched the founder of the group Florence Gloria Crawford who wrote several books, and spoke frequently in San Francisco during this time according to newspaper archives.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any other copies of The Comforter from those years, which would be very interesting in terms of comparing how Spalding’s manuscript changed over time. If anyone does find copies of The Comforter or other information about this group, please contact me!


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  1. Frank says:

    I, too, would be very interested in how the manuscript changed over time! I hope you will get all the necessary material.

  2. Tony says:

    You can search here if any

  3. Khuyen Nguyen says:

    Hello Todd,

    Please check information concerning Nguyen Phong author:

    Page 10 of this story, Mr. Nguyen Phong told that he found Journey To The East of Baird Spalding (published by Adyar in 1924 in India) at a library of his university. His real name is John Vu who is senior principal scientist at Boeing’s Software Engineering Research and Technology. You try to find a Vietnamese friend to help you translating content of this letter. It is important. I’m sorry I can’t help you in this time, I’m very busy until the end of September T_T

  4. Khuyen Nguyen says:

    Hi Todd,

    I give you contact of Nguyen Phong:

  5. todd says:

    I’ve tried contacting Dr Vu/Nguyen Phong. He has not responded to me.

  6. TK says:

    Hi at All!

    I read the books 1-3 and he claimed at the end of book 2 that he copied the “original manuscripts” and also gave that out / sells it.

    I can’t find those manuscripts – can anyone PLEASE help?!

    Thank you!

  7. todd says:

    Sorry TK, they don’t exist to my knowledge. Spalding only published the books available from DeVorss and a few magazine articles. Since he never visited India as described in the books, it’s logical to assume there are no ‘original’ manuscripts. He made the same claim about photographs taken during the expedition, but he was never able to produce them.

  8. TK says:

    Where you get that info from?
    It would no suprise to me if they do exist and be supressed – also false-infomartion today exists. I have really good reasons to believe things he wrote down, which are also “marked” as scam by public just by the fact I’m able to reproduce. So – I’m over the top of the mountain to blind “believe” – its part of my daily life 🙂

  9. TK says:

    And not even that I can approve some of that things he wrote as real, cause of my knowledge and daily experience – you can read and research also about my person – but heres no information about you. Even claims that you like to hide – good that i’m a programmer with enough skills to get info i want – i looked around the past minutes and can say, theres no information thats no also affected by you (see the “offical” non saying wikipedia entry).

    Thats a good one – lets look how you are.

  10. TK says:

    Got it. I wouldn’t be afraid. Thanks for your work.

  11. Mitchell NewDelman says:

    Same question posted on another blog string within this website:


    Has anybody heard of a 117 page bound original-typewriter manuscript of “The Life and Teachings…”?


    PS: I know of the existance of the manuscript I ask about. It is not “hand-writing’: but is an original ‘ribbon-proof’ typewriting. If this copy is authenticated, and an interested good writer would like to collaborate on the true-story potential, contact me.

  12. Mitchell NewDelman says:

    I left the same comment on the FAQ’s blog string (a few minutes ago):

    I agree that there is something ‘inspired’ in the real Baird Spalding Volumes 1, 2 & 3: I have not read any material ascribed to be his writing published after his death in 1953.

    Strange as this sounds, I bought a Privately BOUND manuscript some 34 years ago. I recall it was at a used book fair; and as soon as I touched it, it was mine. It is the ribbon-copy of a TYPEWRITTEN ‘manuscript’ with minor hand corrections of a very few keystroke errors. Remember, this was produced on a mechanical typewriter using INK on Paper…hence these are the original words used by Mr. Spalding.

    If you (or Todd; or any other visitor to Todd’s website) sends me an e-mail I would be happy to reply with a few scanned pages. I am in the process of preparing a book with my commentaries; including why I waited to announce the existence of this manuscript of VOL 1; VOL 2 and VOL 3.

    As for further authenticity, it sure looks like they were all typed at some contiguous period of years because the paper and typeface is identical throughout. My guess is that it may have been typed by Stella.

    Of course, it would be an encouragement to undertake this book effort if I knew there were consumers. I am prepared to publish the original with comments derived from experience now that I am past 70. Does anybody have any idea of size of the “community”; people curious about ‘Spalding’ for any reason and no matter where they reside.

    I am principally interested in writing a very positive scientific investigative study of his teachings. The 19th century visit was a smart strategic fiction to assure a lasting impact on readers. But his impact is Humanistic centered Life-Science.

    I live in Europe but may visit the USA sometime in the next few months.

    Cheers to ALL


  13. Pam Reeves says:

    Mitchel NewDelman: I would be interested in the published original with comments as well as the study you plan to write, depending upon cost.

    I’m also wondering what is happening with “Todd’s” further writings on this blog.

  14. Silvia says:

    Habe großes Interesse an allem um Baird Spalding, seinen Schriften, seinem Leben. Und an Menschen die was über ihn berichten Können. Ich glaube was in seinen Büchern steht, es funktioniert. Es gibt mir Kraft, Mut und Hoffnung. Seit zig Jahren liegt ein Buch von ihm immer auf meinem Tisch.
    Es ist ein Lebensbuch. Ich freue mich auf Antwort. Licht und Liebe. SILVIA.

  15. Paul says:

    In the book: Journey to the East translated in 987 by a Vietnamese Nguyen Phong at page 185 it is said about the decision of the British to stop the expedition, that the American scientists decided to continue since they would be finance by Yale and Harvard. They brought back the translation of ancient scriptures they had done with the help of the Masters. So for the veracity of this expedition there must be a way to check it from those Universities data.

  16. Mitchell says:


    It is of no significance that Baird’s writings were factual or fictional: As I wrote on this blog in 2017: “…The 19th century visit was a smart strategic fiction to assure a lasting impact on readers. But his impact is Humanistic centered Life-Science.”

    Baird;s contribution to humanity is the spiritual message; the divine spark he must have felt that inspired his teachings spoken through the Masters he described.

    Do not let loose of a piece of the truth even if it requires re-igniting your own spark from time to time.

  17. Liebe Silvia, wie schön Dich gefunden zu haben. Auch ich bin vollkommen überzeugt von den Lehren, die im Spalding Buch beschrieben sind. Würde gerne Kontakt aufnehmen zu Dir. Will hören, was Du angewendet hast und wie. HerzGruss Susanne

  18. Kathleen Turner says:

    I have been reading the Spalding books since 1977 I live in Oakland, Ca my vol. 1 was published by the California Press in San Francisco 1924 and at the end it says the Law will be brought forth in America and given to the world I like the challenge!

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