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Because the pendulum of Spalding’s personality swung across such a wide arc which contained contradictions, falsities, deception, kindness, gentleness, selfishness, generosity, anger, hatred and love for his fellowman (as well as combinations of these), it is very difficult to present a comprehensive picture of him. The shortest, and probably the most effective, description of him is that he was fantastic – and fabulous.

David Bruton

Who was Baird T Spalding?

Baird Thomas Spalding is the nom de plume of Bayard Spaulding*, an American writer born in 1872 in Cohocton, New York. Spalding self-published Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East in 1924 which told of a fantastic research expedition to India and Tibet in the 1890’s that witnessed masters who could perform miraculous feats, imparting simple spiritual truths in a format which appealed to Western audiences.

Spalding’s first book was republished by DeVorss & Co and became a runaway hit, selling many thousands of copies and leading Spalding on lecture tours across America. Spalding continue to write three more volumes of Life and Teaching, and led a small group of followers to India in 1935. He died in 1953 in Arizona at the age of 80.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he was born in the 1850’s in England, and his father/grandfather was from India. What’s your source for saying otherwise?

Baird T Spalding’s family history has been published here, taken from authoritative sources such as passport records, the US census and Spaulding family obituaries and they are unequivocal.

Spalding had no family connection to India, but he did have a lifelong penchant for tall tales. The biography and timeline provided in the books and on the DeVorss & Co website is primarily based on those tales and is mostly fictional, just like Spalding’s nom de plume.

Are the books fiction or non-fiction? Did Spalding actually go to India in 1894?

Many readers are disappointed when they learn that Spalding did not go to India in 1894, and there was no research expedition as described in Life and Teaching. Spalding was only 22 years old in 1894, and he spent most of the 1890’s in the Yukon mining for gold. Spalding’s first visit to India was in 1935 at the behest of his publisher, after the release of Life and Teaching Volume 3.

Presenting fictional material of a spiritual nature in the style of scientific expeditions to distant lands and discoveries of rare documents was a popular genre around the turn of the century (see Nicholas Notovitch and Edmund Bordeaux Szekely for similar examples). Life and Teaching is a work of fiction in the genre of magical autobiography.

Spalding was a fascinating man who freely mixed fact and fiction in his life, telling stories that varied from one telling to the next. Many of the incredible stories surrounding Spalding were told in a way that helped people to comprehend the spiritual content of his books.

Can I get a map of Spalding’s travels through India, or the names of his companions? What about the location or photographs of the Temple Of Silence, the Healing Temple, or the Temple Of The Great Tau?

Unfortunately, since Spalding did not travel to India as described in Life and Teaching, there is no map, photographs or further information available. Astute readers may notice the books lack any detailed information about locations or people that is typical of scientific expeditions. The journey, researchers and the temples existed only in Spalding’s imagination.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he studied at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Heidelberg. Is that true?

Spalding did make those claims, but there are no records of him studying at Berkeley, Stanford or Columbia according to University registrars. Since Spalding did not travel to Germany, it is highly unlikely he studied at the University of Heidelberg.

Where did the spiritual content of the books come from?

Much of the content of Life and Teaching was inspired by the New Thought movement. Spalding was a member of a New Thought group in San Francisco during the early 1920’s when he wrote Life and Teaching Volume One and the first chapters of the book were published in the groups magazine. His wife Stella Spalding was an intelligent, University educated woman who helped Spalding greatly when writing the books. Spalding’s publisher Doug DeVorss was raised  in the Unity Church, a New Thought group, and it is likely he had input on the later volumes of Life and Teaching.

Spalding was a wealthy man, wasn’t he? Didn’t he own several gold mines?

Spalding was mechanically inclined, and worked as a mining engineer in Alaska, Montana and California for much of his early life. Although he was involved in several mining ventures, none were particularly successful and at least two of them ended up bankrupt or in legal troubles. It appears that his primary income from the 1930’s until his death in 1953 was income from book sales. He died with few assets to his name.

What about Spalding’s relationships with famous scientists and artists like Einstein, Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz and Cecil B DeMille?

Most of the people named have been covered extensively by biographers, and there are historical archives of their correspondence and diaries. Spalding isn’t mentioned in them, or the connections are extremely tenuous. Many of these claims can again be chalked up to Spalding’s penchant for tall tales.

Did Spalding write any other books?

No. Life and Teaching Volumes 1-4 were his only works. Volumes 5 and 6 were published posthumously by DeVorss from articles Spalding wrote for Mind Magazine and from collected notes of the India Tour in 1935.

The Vietnamese book Journey to the East (Hanh Trinh Ve Phuong Dong) by Nguyen Phong which claims to be a translation of a Spalding book written in 1924 is a work of fiction written in the 1970’s by the pseudonymous Nguyen Phong.

If all these stories about Spalding aren’t true and his books were fiction, why bother with the research on this website?

Despite his love for tall tales, Spalding was a fascinating man, and the story of how he managed to enchant people with his books and lectures is one worth telling. Although he battled his own personal demons for many years, Spalding had a positive influence on many readers, and his books remaining in print nearly sixty years after his death is a testament to their appeal.

In the years since his death, and despite the lack of supporting evidence for his stories, Spalding has become an important influence on alternative religions and New Age thought in general. This website examines Spalding from a cultural, historical and anthropological point of view, celebrating the life of a man who achieved immortality in print far beyond his wildest dreams. In the spirit of the Native American trickster legends, Spalding challenges readers to think outside normal religious beliefs, with a sparkle in his eye that reminds you that truth is often far stranger than fiction.

*A note on names. For clarity, the website refers to Baird Spalding by that name, even though he was born as Bayard Spaulding. Members of his family are referred to with the Spaulding surname.

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  1. Matt says:

    Thank you very much for all of the time and effort you’ve put into this website. Based on your meticulous research, I now have an answer to a question that could not have ever been answered had someone like yourself not spent all of the time you have. I’ve been watching this site for the results of your request for his travel records. Most importantly, I wanted to know if he witnessed the incredible things he said he did.

    I have to say that my initial reaction was one of disappointment. I thought, “Spalding was nothing more than a liar!” But then I recall how these books inspired me to delve deeper into Eastern philosophy, where over the years, I found that the essence of what he wrote about in his series is true after all… “Secret Masters” or not. That initial inspiration was over 20 years ago for me and I’ve read, learned, and experienced a lot because of his work of fiction. Anyway, I knew then that something smelled fishy while I was reading them. Sure, this is a “If it seems too good to be true…” moment, but then I ask myself, “How could any group of individuals be secret if they’re telling people about them?”

    Besides, what could “Secret Masters” do for me anyway? It’s my job to seek enlightenment, and this little let-down is only proof that all of the billions of things necessary to bring me one step closer to it, can come from the strangest of places. It’s all good.


  2. sam says:


  3. edmund says:

    I believe Mr Spaldings books becouse they are realy fantastic ,they influence many mindes and change mindfulnes .Human need that knowledge and human deserve that too.
    God bless Mr Spalding!

  4. I commend you for your dogged and meticulous research. I would hope you take the fruits of all this documentation and produce the first true biography of this remarkable man. There will always be those who prefer not to have their beautiful fantasies burst like bubbles. But the essence of the teachings in the books and their ramifications as they echo down the suberranean byways of history are evidence of their own worth, not the claimed provenance.
    Virtually all the classics of Occult or Hermetic philosophy are at their essence romantic fictions, including the Hermetica, the original Hermetic Canon itself.
    And there are those who would describer the Gospels or the Budda Tales themselves as fictional tales. That does not take a wit of power from the profundity of their central liberating messages.

  5. todd says:

    Thanks Remy. I am indeed working on a biography of Spalding as time permits. Recently I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of Baird’s surviving family members from New York which has been very enlightening.

  6. claudia says:

    What resonates in the heart is the truth.I am so amazed and honored that I found Baird’s Spalding’s Books.They come as a precious gift to all who are ready to strive for higher realms of consciousness.Mr.Baird Spalding’s biography is irrelevant in comparison to the Magnificence of his Work. Actually his Work is his biography.Ohh..what a blessing….what a pleasure …….to be in touch with these teachings…..I would be very happy to meet with people who share this point of view.

  7. claudia says:

    Hi Todd, I am reading vol.4 and I feel this blissful, radiant light, undescribable. I wonder if we can create a study group around these teachings, a place for like-minded people to sustain each other in their evolvement.How did you decide to do the biography?

  8. john march says:

    The bottom line is that Spalding gave humanity the wisdom it so desperately needs in a form that would most appeal to its need for glamour and illusion over spirit. Humanity wouldn’t listen to just some normal guy dressed in jeans and a polo shirt born in some normal town and brought up in a normal way. Not back then and not now. Yet, back then, bring in India, which back then was full of mystery and intrigue, and naturally people thought that it was the truth. It appealed to their vanity and made them read and listen. It was the truth brought to them in a way they would most pay attention.

    It’s so true even today. Carlos Casteneda had to invent Don Juan, an Indian Shaman. Oh, we’ll listen to a mysterious shaman but not to just some guy from California. It’s like the pope. “Wow, look at that house he lives in and that big hat and all those robes. That guy must know the truth”. What if the pope just showed up one day in some slacks and a tee shirt. Think anyone would listen? So, Spalding needs us to imagine guys in turbans who were mysterious and probably had long beards and dressed in all white and did miracles. And it worked. People bought the truth in a glamorous package.

    The truth is the truth. I’ve read the books many times and along with 40 years of study with other books, hundreds of hours of meditations, countless retreats and studying with enlightened people all over the world, what Spalding wrote was true wisdom and matches all enlightened thought ever presented. That’s all that matters. The thing is, these books can make us better people and make humanity a better whole entity. In that light, I say, good for him.

    I’m glad you have done the research you have done. People need to know that Spalding was just a guy like any of us. It gives us each hope that one doesn’t need to travel to India, or find a shaman, or find someone in a turban with white robes to know the truth. The truth in inside each of us and the only place we need travel is into our own inner silence.

  9. Mo says:

    I must say that I am a little disappointed to learn of the truth of the fables. However, the books are very enlightening. I guess it just makes you look a little deeper into your own soul for what is the truth, as only each man can answer for himself. Thank you for your time and research and bringing forth this information.

  10. Gabriel says:

    i really liked claudia´s idea, of making a group of people around this teachings, i would be really happy of having contact with some of you, just send me an email to

  11. Margaret says:

    Recently, I’ve been re-reading Spalding’s books. I was reading them as fact not fiction. There was, however, the question of how proficiently dialog was transcribed. The information on your site answers that question — no need to transcribe what was never said!

    I do feel disappointed as truth is important. I hope that people will not become totally disillusioned when they find out that Spalding was pretty much a “bull shiter”. There are many good books that truth seekers can read that help put life’s puzzle together.

  12. Greg Harvey says:

    To the curious? What if Spalding channeled several of the masters! I have read the books several times and in book three, when Jesus talks of him being on the cross. That part about him not saying, “My God My God why hast thou forsaken me. Well, several years before I read his books I talked with a person that channels, and she is real; said the angel that she channels said the same thing about the mis-quote found in the bible. What if?.

  13. Paula says:

    I’m re-reading the series and googled Baird T. Spalding to find more information . Also disappointed to hear the stories are fiction. the teachings seem so timely and familiar! perhaps like others have stated, because my previous reading began a long exploration of many varieties of religious/spiritual thought and experiences. After all this reading, I had the thought: “wow. what if all this is true?! what if we really could do all these things? (for the highest posssible good of all, of course.)

  14. Joseph Dowling says:

    Many thanks for your research . The fact is that the East is always associated with the within in spiritual writings. I did wonder if the place names/ human names used translate into any meaning other then stated. The Unity Metaphysical Dictionary comes to mind with all the treasures contained within its pages of the inner meaning of places / birth names. Thanks again, Joe.

  15. Silvia Günther says:

    Well, I am really speechless and shocked as these books have been “sacred” for me.
    Seems like I have to change plans for my future. I always liked the idea of going into one
    of the described temples in the Himalaya when my sons are grown up.
    I also had the wish to connect with people who love these books and thinking.
    Also Castaneda, Elisbeth Haich, Yogananda and Osho belong to my “beloved”.
    Do you have other suggstions of books that had an inspiring impact on you?
    Greetings from the beautiful Mosel in Germany, Silvia

  16. Giulia says:

    Je crois que Spalding, dont l’ouvrage est profondément bon et éclairé, n’a pas Tout inventé. Concevez, chers lecteurs, qu’il évoque un niveau de réalité qui n’est pas celui de la réalité ordinaire – ce que l’on nomme le sens commun et qui ne fait intervenir que les cinq sens de notre corps humain.
    Pour son livre, sans doute créé-t-il un décor susceptible d’attirer notre attention et toucher notre compréhension de base. Si l’on en croit les recherches effectuées sur sa vie, il n’avait pas été en Inde avant 1935 et le Voyage est une invention. L’important est, bien sûr, le fond de son propos auquel nous accordons, à peu près tous, la qualité d’une grande hauteur spirituelle.
    Cependant, certains percevront qu’un tel Voyage, peut se faire hors du Temps et de l’Espace. La découverte de la mécanique quantique nous permet de concevoir d’autres niveaux de réalité, lesquels sont ici et maintenant, mais en principe invisibles et que, peut-être, en aiguisant notre Conscience, et en nous rappelant le Pouvoir de notre Esprit, nous pouvons atteindre. Qui sait? Certains ont-ils peut-être traversé le miroir…
    Amiclement à vous

  17. Giulia says:

    Pourquoi mon dernier mail a-t-il été codé et rendu incompréhensible?

  18. Charlotte says:

    @Guilia – Nous supposons que vous avez écrit en français pour faire le point que tout dispositif qui crée le mystère et la curiosité doit être honoré!?

    @Silvia in Mosel: You asked if there might be other books that inspire with the “always similar” messages of True Teachings…inspirational whether fiction or not, who cares: As I mentioned in a posting on the general discussion thread on Spalding, you might enjoy reading “The Disappearance of the Universe” and the subsequent books of Gary Renard. Or take on the “A Course in Miracles” volumes themselves. Ithink you also se all of the other wonderful suggestions of others who posted to that thread.

    In Spirit, OM TAT SAT, Charlotte

  19. Martin Rayner says:

    I’m just reading the books for the second time and just starting book three. I felt really drawn to the Masters and now feel sad that it didn’t all happen. I was however becoming sceptical reading it for the second time. I still feel there may be a grain of truth in his work, in the same way as A Course in Miracles and Conversations with God were channeled to those authors. I would like to further investigate the source of his inspiration and I would like to hear from anybody that discovers anything about the Masters. Thanks for your dedication and insight, I’ve been waiting for your investigation and I appreciate your work.

  20. Diane Dell says:

    Martin Rayner, I too study The Course in Miracles intensely and I have read Conversations with God. In fact Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch was the beginning of my searchings outside the box of Church Christianity. I was a little disapointed that the Masters and Teachings were not real but never the less, they are taking me on to my journey of higher conciousness. I feel blessed to have been told about them. I want to live my life relying on the God within each and every moment for the rest of my life. I feel these books are helping me to climb higher than I ever thought possible. I hardly recognize the person I was before I began this study many years ago. The books fit wonderfullly in my progression and arrived in my life right on time. Thank you for the research you did. Real or not they are still Divine Intervention to my life.

  21. jack miller says:

    I love these books, especially the 1st 3 volumes. don’t matter if he was there, he had it in his head, wrote it down, it has helped an incredible number of peaple , and there ain’t nothin wrong with that. these things that baird wrote, are only the shadow of the thing from which they spang and good will come from it someday. Love yourself—You are a child of the creator of our universe. and that makes you worth a whole bunch!

  22. phil sharman says:

    i am reading the first book for the first time and knew after the 1st chapter or so that mr spaulding was a novelist. i hope all who feel they have gotten inspiration from spauldings books are more careful in whom they believe in the future. as for don juan there is no evidence to the contrary that he did/does exist. there is pattern even in chaos. love yourself. i am the self. i am pure consiousness. the universe is the expansion of my own being. a novel taken as truth will never lead to enlightenment. the revolving door of chaos should be used only with caution. perfection is death. the journey is what is important. happy trails to you.

  23. Wouter Verhagen NL says:

    What a suprise.. I always figured he really went there.. his writing seemed so solid.

    The sort of weird thing about it is this.. When I was 17, 4 years and about 2 or 3 months ago, I was at one night tripping on psychedelic mushrooms. We were listening to some chant-music from buddhists or some other religion but it seemed to do the trick. I found myself, being an atheist, wanting to know more about life and the workings of it. Soon I found that you can’t really learn anything about life exept in relation to yourself, so that they have to be connected in some way. It was sort of intuitive I guess, and I can’t really remember how I got there in the first place. However, it got me to the place where I asked myself the question “Who Am I?”. Interestingly enough, I figured that the best way to approach this question is by seeing myself as a stone. A stone has an inside and an outside and that’s it. It doesn’t have relations with other stones per se, so it’s hypothetical ego would need other ways to relate to itself and the world. So I figured that stone would need an innate inner knowing of what it is. Then (and this is the part I’m trying to figure out in my meditations, how I did that) I thought; “So there has to be a place inside everything that knows exactly what it Is, otherwise it cannot exist. And if I find that then I would REALLY know who I am.” Still following me ? So then, something happened that was quite unexpected but really thrilling. I kept cutting my ‘cords’ in which I figured out what I was only in relation to that outside thing I saw, and finally there was nothing except something that sort of throbbed in my chest; I found that I Am. So I shouted; “I AM!”. Since that moment I figured nothing else is ever as real as that I Am-ness that I Am. But then it faded fast, I couldn’t hold it in my awareness. It felt really good, and all fear or death or life disappeared in that moment, but after a brief glimpse it was gone again.

    So life continued and even though it was the greatest moment of my life, you know how it is, other things come up and, not realising I was looking at my Godhood and not being a spiritual person, at that moment I didn’t even ask myself how I could experience it again and if there was more to it.

    Two months later, I wrote something random in the google search bar while being bored, but I came up with something interesting. It was something about the movie What the Bleep – Down the Rabbithole. So I downloaded the movie and there was Ramtha. And He (not knowing He was a He in a she body) inspired me. So I bought a book called The White Book. And in here he also talks a few times about this I Am, always writing it in capitals like it should be. So here I found I had actually attracted something into my life by having a spiritual experience.

    Now 4 years later, 2 months ago, after meditating for about 5 weeks, I had another I Am experience. Quite out of the blue. But now I knew that it was God that I Am and so forth. This time it was much more ‘concentrated’, and it lasted about 20 minutes. I knew I could do it again so I went to sleep (I had to sleep..). 2 days later I had it again for 20 minutes before I went to sleep. Now, I’ve had this I Am feeling in my chest uninterupted for over a month and it feels great.

    I’m not trying to boast, I’m just saying I got the I Am experience first and then the books. So I would like to say, don’t worry about how you got the material, the I Am-ness that is you is real, and you can get there by asking the question Who Am I? in meditation.

    So there is some hope for me that whatever these people are writing can be true, to some degree.

  24. roger says:

    I find it fascinating that this web site is obscessed with Spalding, but little information
    is forthcoming about his wife or the very likely possibility that the first book was written
    by someone else.

    Well, what is being implied about his wife? That she was a co-conspirator of some fraud?

    We have been promised some information about some interview with someone who knew something
    earth-shattering about Spalding, but we never get that.

    There is something in the language of that first book and parts of all the others that is so
    very Victorian and, honestly, really excellent writing.

    It goes beyond just good writing, however. There is much that isn’t included that we should expect
    of pure fiction.

    There really is something very amazing about this phenomena we call the ‘Spalding enigma’ or
    the “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”.

    Rishi Singh claims that Spalding ripped him off. However, Singh published his work in 1927, but
    Spalding claimed authorship of volume one in 1924, and evidently that published work was around some
    years ere then in self-published format.

    Singh’s writings do correspond with what Spalding gave his name to in volume 3 in the 30s.

    Is it a confirmation or a proof of plagiarism?

    If Singh saw the same things or some of the same things Spalding saw (or what the actual author saw),
    it becomes a matter of looking both at content and writing styles.

    Who ripped off who?

    Evidently Spalding was surprised to learn his talks on a boat to India were edited by De Vorss
    after the fact and was highly displeased.

    It is possible that Spalding’s input to volume three was also highly edited by De Vorss and represents
    more of De Vorss than of Spalding.

    Spalding’s introduction to volume three is rather amazing.

    He outlines the basis for resurrection versus why someone might need to be reincarnated.

    This seems to be what we might call a ‘threshold’ phenomena or akin to something the author
    had Jesus talking about: breaking the ‘shell’ of limitation.

    Long before this web-site appeared, I suspected Spalding was not the original author of the
    Life and Teaching.

    However, there were far too many points made in these books that corresponded with facts I
    found elsewhere that prompted me to feel: here is a definite genius who either presaged future
    findings or who knew them before hand by some means.

    This is not a simple problem solvable by mere attribution to Spalding of being a big liar.

    It’s a little deeper than that

  25. todd says:


    Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately a demanding career has intruded on my ability to continue my Spalding research recently.

    I’d love to post more about Stella but there simply isn’t much more to be told at this point. I have only a fragment of historical info to go on and a handful of letters. No diaries or other extensive documentation survives to my knowledge.

    The interview with Bob about Baird is nothing earth-shattering – primarily Spalding’s tall tales about his gold mines stolen from him by a Zionist conspiracy!

    Rishi Singh only claimed that Spalding copied parts of Vol 3, not the earlier volumes. There is certainly evidence that Spalding’s quality of writing declined after his divorce. The few samples of writing I have from both of them indicate Spalding wasn’t much of a wordsmith, whereas Stella was University educated and actively involved in working with other authors in the genre such as Jack Churchward. Her name is also on the copyright records at the Library of Congress. However, it is purely an assumption on my part at this time, and we may never know the truth. DeVorss obviously had a vested interest in the outcome as well, as you note.

  26. max says:

    OK…It doesn’t matter if the man was a liar, what he wrote in his books was clearly inspired by some very high soul who wanted the truth be spreaded in any possible way…maybe the man was just the man but the divine spark inside him made this possible…let’s focus only in the books…nobody is perfect starting with me.GOD BLESS YOU.

  27. I started reading the ‘Life and Teachings’ of the Masters of the Far East at the age of 27. I could not put these books down, I continued reading these books for 30 years, and its only 30 years later that I fully understood the depth of the work . With profound gratitude to the spirit of Baird Spalding for ‘life and teachings’ of the Masters of the Far East. My life is completely transformed and as I lay at the feet of the master within. I have now emerged a writer in the age of Aquarius. My forthcoming book ‘The Mystical Explorer’ is dedicated to his work. Hail to thee o spirit of opulence, Hail All, Hali All.

  28. From my point of view, it doesn’t really matter whether Spalding’s works were fact or fiction. Mind is creative, and therefore all that matters is what images you conjure up using your imagination. As we all know from the Secret (and other sources), the brain doesn’t differentiate whether something is happening in real or just imagined – the same neurons fire.

    I have read a number of books on what Spalding essentially talks about, and to all those disappointed I say: if you study Charles Haanel’s “Master Key System” about the creative process, or read Godfré Ray King’s “Unveiled Mysteries” about St. Germain, or – in German – Kerstin Simoné’s “Thoth” books, you will find the very same truths there, too. And they all make you feel elated, empowered and charged-up. Compare that to your daily news consumption. 🙂

    Interesting that all those works originated at the beginning of the last century, and that all those efforts in promoting this material were thwarted by the Great Depression in the US and two world wars. Now – a 100 years later – we are picking up the pieces, trying to complete the puzzle. For me personally, the picture is getting more and more complete, and this morning I read again chapter 3 and 5 of Volume 3, where he talks about the white light emanating from the Solar Plexus, and the incredible good that does happen if only you let your own light shine. So, dear friends, shine, and SHINE BRIGHTLY!

  29. I was born in Siberia, Russia …
    I read Jane Dixon prophecy about the coming of the Messiah again.
    Grigory Grabovoi (the Messiah) says now is also about immortality, about the unlimited possibilities of man. Baird Spalding performed the work of Teachers of Shambala. He changed the collective consciousness and prepared the millions of people to information about Eternity.
    my website

    Boston, USA

  30. michael says:

    i have and read all 3 books , i find it still amazing that even now people look at the meaning in diffrent lights as being writ so long ago . but still having the same meaning it did then .fake, lie what belive what you will .. me i found truth and meaning in my life .oh and im 51 i first found the first book in a yard sale when i was 18… best thing i got for a dollar .

  31. many says:

    why did baird die if he new so much, don’t get me wrong, i agree with everything, just can’t understand how if he new what we all know, why did he die??? help x

  32. Edward Lambert says:

    I once talked with an old medical doctor while painting his house. He talked to me about placebos and how they had been prohibited in medicine. But then he told me that long before he once made a liquid from vitamin B’s to give to a patient in the hospital with great pain. The hospital was out of painkillers. He told the patient that it was a very strong painkiller and that he would only give a little. The patient felt comfortable 30 minutes later and fell asleep. He told me it was too bad that placebos were prohibited because they actually can work.

    Now look at these books by Bayard Spaulding and listen to the people who have deepened their spirituality because of these books. Think of a placebo. The doctor knows that the liquid does not contain a painkiller, but still the patient’s pain goes away, as if the liquid really contained a powerful painkiller.

    Now, somebody steps in and tells the patient that the liquid doesn’t really contain a painkiller. Does the placebo lose its ability to take away the pain?

    It doesn’t matter. Once one experiences their pain going away with a placebo, they are free. They realize that they themselves must have overcome the pain. Then they perceive where the true power is.

    Like it says in volume 3, “God is not a great being outside of you, that you are going to bring within and then present to the world. God is that power which is generated and exhilarated by your own thought action. It is true that this power is within and all about you, but it is inactive until you think of it and know that it does exist.”

    Spaulding was incorrect saying that the power is inactive until you know that it does exist. Instead, the power is active whether you know it or not.

    Be at peace…

  33. todd says:

    The author of Unveiled Mysteries (Godfrey Ray King, aka Guy Ballard) and Spalding were associates, and spent some time together. There are a lot of common elements in their writing, as well as their interests in topics like gold mining. Ballard became very wealthy in the 1930’s due to his creation of the I AM movement. He died in 1939, just before the famous fraud case United States v Ballard, which went all the way to the Supreme Court (see

  34. Sita Paloma says:

    Hi, I have just begun reading the first book. Naturally I believed it true as it was given to me as real. Then began to question it as the stories unfolded. I asked and again was told it was real. I love the book, but still questioned it.

    Being now in the “new age” some 18 years, I just loved it and thought it great and just what I need now. I was a non god believer for 27 years before. I came to believe because strange things began to happen to me. Very strange. Finally I was introduced to my guru Sai Baba, and really freaked out. Then he gave me personal miracles and I broke down more. Ratherthan loose my mind I asked for help and help came.

    I did not care to travel to India to meet him as I was having plenty to work with. I was led on a path to become a reader and learned how to read eyes. Finally I need to look up this Spalding person, no matter what I was told. I found a picture of Spalding and saw he never witnessed a true miacle. That is what led me to research the web more and found this site.

    The fact is he was led to write this book and has changed lives, as should be. Miracles do happen. I finally have witnessed real one. Believe me, your eyes change, big time. Do not give up. His book is worth believing. In a way it is all true. I am only on page 72 of the first book. I has taken me a month to read that far as I needed to digest the truth of it. I will read all the volumes, I believe because I know it will teach me great truth. And I am enjoying it, fiction and all.

  35. Carrie says:

    How does one go about being introduced to their guru, Sita Paloma?

  36. Sonny Crockett says:

    If I may answer for Sita….it’s cliche’d, but true. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When your time comes, Sri Gurudeva will be there for you.
    Sonny Crockett

  37. Xav says:

    @Giulia, bravo pour votre éloquence!
    Avez-vous traversé le miroir?!

  38. klimgeyt says:

    Spalding was an author with a desire to shape his liberal Christian thoughts into a story line that today seems common, but that wasn’t back then when he wrote it, I suppose. His choice to put himself in the shoes of a voyager in a group of other curious minds was understandable. It gave him the option to think freely and to put his liberal thoughts at a distance from mainstream Christian thought, which was more orthodox back then than today. What I find fascinating is his attempt to give meaning to stories from the bible that today are not strange anymore, but that must have been quite uncomfortable for orthodox readers. This book is interesting because it offers you the chance to look into a man’s thoughts about giving is own view on biblical views from new perspectives, for him, back in the 1920’s. What would he have written today? Where would his voyage have gone to? I would say he would have traveled into rain forests, and he would have talked about string theories and bosons, while his masters would have been shamans, aboriginal and inuit teachers. It doesn’t matter. What does matter his our chance to meet somebody who attempts to give his own meaning to those same biblical stories, whether you like that view or not. I do. Why? I do the same thing all the time, even though I don’t write them down all the time. Imagining a voyage and meeting inspirational people who help you to give direction to your thoughts may be a dream for many. I’d say just do it, just like others including this author, did before you.

  39. todd says:

    Great comment – thanks. Yes, in many ways Spalding’s work was a precursor to Teachings of Don Juan, and the Celestine Prophecy.

  40. Alfred Brötz says:

    Dear Friends, I am reading Baird Spaldings books and I would ask, if there are fortodokuments of the masters and Jesus Christus?
    Thank you very much
    Alfred Brötz

  41. Vincent says:

    I am reading the book for the second time. If it is fiction or not, it is life changing.

    I read in the “Frequently asked questions” that he was a semi-fictional writer. That is like waking up out of a dream. Not bad. I will keep dreaming.

    Then one question stands: Spalding writes that it is surely the truth what he writes, because there are photo’s of the expeditions. I don’t need to see how Jesus looks like…. I will not believe that someone is telling the truth, because he says that he tells the truth… But If you say that there are photo’s of this semi-fictional or real expeditions, then why aren’t they printed in the book? Or aren’t there any pictures?

    Please let me/us know.

  42. todd says:

    Thanks Vincent. Correct, there are no photographs of Spalding’s expeditions, since they are fictional. Spalding did claim that photographs existed, but they were never presented or published.

  43. Vincent says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for you’re response. So the reason of this website is mainly to tell other people that his work is pure fictional? It is good to have such a discussion.

    I knew that his book existed of 5 volumes, not 6. In the 6th part you would see photos of this journey (what could be as real as the moonlanding…). I found out about this part six yesterday. Yesterday I was on the website of his (original) publisher DeVorss, and they are the ones who also claim it is real. This is off-course most disgusting if the books are completely fictional. Here is there website:

    But fictional, non-fictional, semi-fictional, photos or not, still a nice book. So I ordered this part 6 and see for my self. So the question of the photos is answered: Where are the photos? In volume 6.

  44. Vincent says:

    Hi Klimgeyt,

    If you read volume 2, then you will find (a) Jesus talk about quantum mechanica and later about stringtheorie. So it isn’t much of a difference then. And after all, there aren’t many new theories in the New Age movement after this book.

    You can say that the whole New Age movement is one lie, if this book is. Or am I wrong to say that?

  45. todd says:

    Vincent – the purpose of the website is to collect and publish Spalding’s factual biography and understand the influence he had on new religious movements.

    Yes, there are some photos in LAT Volume 6, but not of any expedition. They are primarily photo’s of Spalding at various events in the US. LAT Volumes 5 and 6 were published posthumously by DeVorss from articles Spalding wrote for Mind Magazine and from collected notes of the India Tour Spalding went on in 1935.

    Remember, these books were written many decades ago, when this type of religious story was perhaps more acceptable to readers looking for spiritual content. Many books of this type turned out to be fiction, but that didn’t stop people wanting to believe in them. Spalding’s publisher Doug DeVorss knew in the 1950’s that the books were fictional, because he signed Spalding’s death certificate which directly contradicts the information given in the books.

  46. Annette says:

    I’m reminded of Castanadas and the marvelous ability to enchant and deceive through writing. I mention Castanadas because I’ve always thought his books were fictional, but I’ve honestly not done any research on that subject. I’m reading Spalding now and enjoying him. The tricksters serve a purpose, I think, to guide us along a path into ourselves.

  47. Vincent says:

    Thank you for this website. It is a eye-opener.

    What a strange idea that people who make up thing lead you to a better life. So the lie makes you a better person. No, I am glad I am reading it with critical eyes now. The 1st volume was very real. The 2nd I was doubting. Then I came along this site, because I wanted to see the promised photos of Spalding. Now I am reading the 3rd, and the teachings are not consistent, sometimes total nonsens and starting to miss a fundament. So 1st and 2nd volumes where good lies with a lovely storyline. The rest is total nonsens where sadly 95% off the New Age Movement is constituted on. So, after I knew it was all a lie, it is sure life-changing literature!

    By the way… Got my 6th book/volume where I was talking about. It is lacking evidence. No photos of the first expeditions at all. The publisher is also keeping the lie up, because the book is there biggest money-pig. They keep on telling it is the whole truth and notting else, but there is no proof (while the book is telling there is proof in the form of photos). It would be good business for the publisher to do a fake photoshoot and put it all together with some Photoshop. Then the lie has some nice fundament and can life another 100 years for sure!

    Love this site! Keep it up. I thank you. I hope you life more happy years then the pages of the lie you helped me to expose! You are a real master in truth.

  48. Christian Hamnett says:

    To be honest I was very disappointed to find that the journeys described in the book of Spalding were invented out of whole cloth. In my many years of spiritual research I realized that telling the truth is important, but it’s important not to hurt the other. So if the one in front of me is not ready to receive the truth I’m not telling you. But that is not the case of Spalding. That there is this spiritual energy is powerful no doubt, but the precipitous drop of humanity in the matter and this is a lie and me (us) so all involved to doubt ourselves, seekers of truth, of his existence. I KNOW THAT THERE IS POWER. But they are not able to produce it, to do it properly it grow in me. The fact that Spalding was a liar does not detract from the Fundamental Truth, but certainly not easy things to newcomers to the spiritual world, indeed many for these obvious ambiguity go away, giving strength to the skeptics who do not hesitate to destroy everything even when there is spiritual truth. We can’t give reasons for the skeptics to destroy the spiritual world, we must tell the truth, always on these issues, otherwise humanity will remain at stake and there will be no spiritual growth. Spalding made ​​a mistake, forgive him, but I would never, ever written as a true journey that speaks of Spiritual Truth. Spalding had to speak clearly: the spiritual truths that I have written are True (contact your heart for that matter), but the travel and miracles are (too bad!) All fiction.

  49. Annette says:

    Vincent — There were no references in my comments to “better life” or “better person”. I think mature readers can set aside the intentions of an author and take from the reading experience anything it may have to offer. There’s lots of wisdom in the Spalding writings. They’re a good read, engaging and thought-provoking. The author(s) had writing talent and used it to reach many people. You can honor your critical faculties by discerning — what you believe to be — fact from fiction, but your soul may have a different experience. Now that I think about it, it comes to me that the Spalding readings CAN make you a better person if you approach them as a mystical journey rather than a fact-finding mission. It’s up to the reader to be enriched or offended.

  50. Annette says:

    Christian — I think I understand what you’re saying, but you know, just because Spalding spun a tall tale doesn’t mean there aren’t authentic miracles and well-researched/documented spiritual phenomena taking place in our world, things that are uplifting and hopeful. There probably aren’t that many “truths” in the deeper sense, just a few that keep circulating and showing up in all the different religious/spiritual systems.

    I think the best place to find spiritual solace is in mythology where the various world cultures weave beautiful and fantastic stories that have their basis in the collective unconscious, the meeting place for all of us to share inner truths.

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