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Because the pendulum of Spalding’s personality swung across such a wide arc which contained contradictions, falsities, deception, kindness, gentleness, selfishness, generosity, anger, hatred and love for his fellowman (as well as combinations of these), it is very difficult to present a comprehensive picture of him. The shortest, and probably the most effective, description of him is that he was fantastic – and fabulous.

David Bruton

Who was Baird T Spalding?

Baird Thomas Spalding is the nom de plume of Bayard Spaulding*, an American writer born in 1872 in Cohocton, New York. Spalding self-published Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East in 1924 which told of a fantastic research expedition to India and Tibet in the 1890’s that witnessed masters who could perform miraculous feats, imparting simple spiritual truths in a format which appealed to Western audiences.

Spalding’s first book was republished by DeVorss & Co and became a runaway hit, selling many thousands of copies and leading Spalding on lecture tours across America. Spalding continue to write three more volumes of Life and Teaching, and led a small group of followers to India in 1935. He died in 1953 in Arizona at the age of 80.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he was born in the 1850’s in England, and his father/grandfather was from India. What’s your source for saying otherwise?

Baird T Spalding’s family history has been published here, taken from authoritative sources such as passport records, the US census and Spaulding family obituaries and they are unequivocal.

Spalding had no family connection to India, but he did have a lifelong penchant for tall tales. The biography and timeline provided in the books and on the DeVorss & Co website is primarily based on those tales and is mostly fictional, just like Spalding’s nom de plume.

Are the books fiction or non-fiction? Did Spalding actually go to India in 1894?

Many readers are disappointed when they learn that Spalding did not go to India in 1894, and there was no research expedition as described in Life and Teaching. Spalding was only 22 years old in 1894, and he spent most of the 1890’s in the Yukon mining for gold. Spalding’s first visit to India was in 1935 at the behest of his publisher, after the release of Life and Teaching Volume 3.

Presenting fictional material of a spiritual nature in the style of scientific expeditions to distant lands and discoveries of rare documents was a popular genre around the turn of the century (see Nicholas Notovitch and Edmund Bordeaux Szekely for similar examples). Life and Teaching is a work of fiction in the genre of magical autobiography.

Spalding was a fascinating man who freely mixed fact and fiction in his life, telling stories that varied from one telling to the next. Many of the incredible stories surrounding Spalding were told in a way that helped people to comprehend the spiritual content of his books.

Can I get a map of Spalding’s travels through India, or the names of his companions? What about the location or photographs of the Temple Of Silence, the Healing Temple, or the Temple Of The Great Tau?

Unfortunately, since Spalding did not travel to India as described in Life and Teaching, there is no map, photographs or further information available. Astute readers may notice the books lack any detailed information about locations or people that is typical of scientific expeditions. The journey, researchers and the temples existed only in Spalding’s imagination.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he studied at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Heidelberg. Is that true?

Spalding did make those claims, but there are no records of him studying at Berkeley, Stanford or Columbia according to University registrars. Since Spalding did not travel to Germany, it is highly unlikely he studied at the University of Heidelberg.

Where did the spiritual content of the books come from?

Much of the content of Life and Teaching was inspired by the New Thought movement. Spalding was a member of a New Thought group in San Francisco during the early 1920’s when he wrote Life and Teaching Volume One and the first chapters of the book were published in the groups magazine. His wife Stella Spalding was an intelligent, University educated woman who helped Spalding greatly when writing the books. Spalding’s publisher Doug DeVorss was raised  in the Unity Church, a New Thought group, and it is likely he had input on the later volumes of Life and Teaching.

Spalding was a wealthy man, wasn’t he? Didn’t he own several gold mines?

Spalding was mechanically inclined, and worked as a mining engineer in Alaska, Montana and California for much of his early life. Although he was involved in several mining ventures, none were particularly successful and at least two of them ended up bankrupt or in legal troubles. It appears that his primary income from the 1930’s until his death in 1953 was income from book sales. He died with few assets to his name.

What about Spalding’s relationships with famous scientists and artists like Einstein, Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz and Cecil B DeMille?

Most of the people named have been covered extensively by biographers, and there are historical archives of their correspondence and diaries. Spalding isn’t mentioned in them, or the connections are extremely tenuous. Many of these claims can again be chalked up to Spalding’s penchant for tall tales.

Did Spalding write any other books?

No. Life and Teaching Volumes 1-4 were his only works. Volumes 5 and 6 were published posthumously by DeVorss from articles Spalding wrote for Mind Magazine and from collected notes of the India Tour in 1935.

The Vietnamese book Journey to the East (Hanh Trinh Ve Phuong Dong) by Nguyen Phong which claims to be a translation of a Spalding book written in 1924 is a work of fiction written in the 1970’s by the pseudonymous Nguyen Phong.

If all these stories about Spalding aren’t true and his books were fiction, why bother with the research on this website?

Despite his love for tall tales, Spalding was a fascinating man, and the story of how he managed to enchant people with his books and lectures is one worth telling. Although he battled his own personal demons for many years, Spalding had a positive influence on many readers, and his books remaining in print nearly sixty years after his death is a testament to their appeal.

In the years since his death, and despite the lack of supporting evidence for his stories, Spalding has become an important influence on alternative religions and New Age thought in general. This website examines Spalding from a cultural, historical and anthropological point of view, celebrating the life of a man who achieved immortality in print far beyond his wildest dreams. In the spirit of the Native American trickster legends, Spalding challenges readers to think outside normal religious beliefs, with a sparkle in his eye that reminds you that truth is often far stranger than fiction.

*A note on names. For clarity, the website refers to Baird Spalding by that name, even though he was born as Bayard Spaulding. Members of his family are referred to with the Spaulding surname.

Last updated: January 2010


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  1. I am a researcher. I have a massive collection that supports what Baird T. Spalding has offered to include many libraries with many thousand of ancient metal tablets that all predate the flood. They are in the Motherland of Adam. Would like to share this information with other researchers of the Master’s books. It all real. 1 801 652-5577

  2. todd says:

    Sounds interesting Duane. What can you tell us?

  3. todd says:

    As it happens Annette, it was my grandmothers interest in Castaneda, Lobsang Rampa and Spalding that caused me to read and research them in the first place. The books by Richard de Mille on Castaneda confirm your suspicions that don Juan was fictional, much like Spalding’s trip to India.

  4. David says:

    Truth is alway struth however it is delivered. As Shakespear said, a rose is just as sweet by any other name.You know when something is true, your soul responds with an everlasting and ever present move towards God. If Spalding mangaged to touch your soul in this way, then it must be truth. Once a parcel has been delivered, do you bother about how it go to you?

  5. lecturevie says:

    I once read the book of the life of the master. It influenced a lot my research. But at one point I was stopped. the main idea of the book strengthens a lot the Mind. Which doesn’t help to surrender to God at the ultimate point. I have to say that my ego was kin on researching totally on that way, beeing the superman that disposes in his hand the full power of god… but humility at one point calls at the door…

  6. Christian says:

    As the saying lecturevive … is true, if the truth comes to you, does it matter how you get there? Through the intensive enlightiment of Charles Berner and Silvano Brunelli, in Italy, I experienced different states of consciousness which I have exposed the individual absolute present in each of us. This immutable presence, a kind of center of gravity has reinforced in me the idea that the truth must always have to be sent a narrative coherence of the substance which was not present in the books of Spalding. Imagine the difference if Spalding had really made these trips and these masters had actually met and had really been a witness of all those miracles which would give enormous strength to the Divine Truth! A normal person interested for the first time to the books of Spalding would shy away immediately noticing the extreme inconsistency: Spalding speaks of Truth but tell of a journey that never made and an encounter with spiritual teachers who did not never had and which has never been witnessed.

  7. Joan says:

    I have all of the tour lessons in very good condition. Do they have any value?

  8. todd says:

    What year are they from Joan? They’ve been reprinted several times from the original magazine articles so I don’t think they are collectible.

  9. Jeanne Ryan says:


    I have a couple of questions re: Baird Spalding. I am not sure if this is the correct forum, so please let me know if my questions should be somewhere else on the website.

    A friend recently came across Volumes I and III of “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding. Both books are inscribed to Goldie Worthley and signed by Mr. Spalding. Pasted inside the back of Volume III are two newspaper clippings plus two brief handwritten letters by Mr. Spalding, also to Miss Worthley. One letter is on Seattle’s Hotel Mayflower letterhead stationery dated April 23, 1936. The other is on ship letterhead stationery (P. & O. S. N. Co.) written from the S.S. Naldera, Hong Kong, China, dated March 21, 1936. The content of both is basically when Mr. Spalding will be in Seattle again.

    Has anyone here heard of Miss Goldie Worthley before? And why was Mr. Spalding was in China in 1936? Was it a book tour or seminar (or was he doing research)?

    I did not know of Mr. Spalding before seeing these books and letters, so any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  10. todd says:

    Hello Jeanne – thanks for writing. I am not familiar with Miss Goldie Worthley. There is a Goldie G Worthley (1885-1971) listed in the 1940 census, residing in Seattle. She is buried at Port Washington.

    In 1936 Baird was returning from the ill-fated India tour. He landed in Seattle on April 21 1936 according to immigration. I did not know he went via China in March however – that is new info. The last sighting of him prior to that was Calcutta in December 1935.

    It would be great to get a copy of those letters and clippings for my research on Spalding.


  11. Jeanne Ryan says:

    Thanks for the info, Todd. I am fairly certain that the owner wants to offer them for sale on eBay. If that is the case, do you want to be contacted when they are listed? I appreciate your help. Interesting fellow, that Mr. Spalding.

  12. Jeanne Ryan says:

    Here’s that link to the Baird Spalding signed letters/books on eBay. Thanks, Todd, for suggesting that I post it here. I appreciate it!

  13. Xavier says:

    Well, indeed it’s definitely frustrating to learn that this story is “just” a fiction.

    What set myself thinking is the fact that all the speechs only refer to both Testaments and to Christ. Even people like the Dalaï-Lama, the Muni and Buddha himself, with a strong eastern background (that’s the least we can write), only referred to western/christian philosophies. Of course, these speeechs are well written but they are definitely variations around a common theme.

    I see now the Splading’s writings as a nice and entertaining illustration of the New Thought’s philosophy. The content interested me a lot but I have to admit that the deliberate confusion about the Spalding’s biography disappointed me; it looks like a contemptible marketing/proselyte operation.

    Now I’m wondering why I was so excited by this book ? I suppose because of a “honnest” and Freudian desire of immortality. The promise that there is something higher than this creeping life where the best is irremediably linked to the worst.

    Well the quest must go on I guess…

  14. Silvia Günther says:

    Hello Xavier,

    I could have written the same words as you…
    since more than 30 years I know Spaldings books, loved them, reread them, they have been
    my treasure and my bible.
    When I learned that he never travelled to India before and it should all be fiction it was incredibly disappointing and hurt me a lot.
    But still the effect is that my heart is opening and I can feel love and overflowing.
    So, o.k.

  15. Annette says:

    Hi Silvia — I’m interested in New Thought and came across Baird a few years ago. After learning that there’s more fiction than fact to his writings, I had to examine my disappointment and come to terms with my opinions. I think it’s unethical to mislead readers, and so I have no great respect for the man. Thing is, the hope and other good feelings his writing brings to people are already present in our souls, maybe waiting for the right catalyst. There are plenty of sincere writers who try to help people; I would turn to one of them for a jump-start at hope and happiness — not Spaulding.

  16. olam says:

    Hello to all, I , like all of you here have been searching for the truth a long time. In my travels I have encountered long tall tales as well as what I consider truths. I can say that after reading Spaldings work, there is much info in there that all of my body and being resonated with and some stuff I felt was dead wrong in its interpretation.
    In the end, I have come to understand that truth finds its way to our hearts in many paths. We are all creators and our imagination is our way to create from the heart. This being said, I know that some of what Mr Spalding created comes from his heart and so from the vast universe of truth.
    If you read with your heart and it rings warm and true, then realize that it comes from source…
    many blessings to all.

  17. om shante om says:

    I shared a summary of Spaldings books – this weekend – and only tonight realize the fiction.

    Others, above, say it well: olam, Silvia …

    Truth: there are multiple paths for each Creator – and while Spalding may have written his ‘tales’ purely for profit – I will continue to ‘seek’ and remain ‘open’ to what appears to be ‘written’ in my cellular structure – from the original OM ~ ?

  18. John says:

    I don’t know if the story is true or not, but after all those years of research, I really don’t care anymore. When you focus on the message, you understand that it must be directly inspired by the divine as it is highly spiritual. Spalding may only be the messenger, directly inspired or relating the message from someone else who has been directly inspired. It is not the good way to accept or reject the message only based on verification if this trip really happened and if the story is true or false. It’s just like enjoying the taste of a meal based on comments about the nature, envelop or justifications about the meal, not the real taste of the meal… When letting the message flow through your soul, your soul will let you know if the message is true or false, this is the real test…


  19. Qumran Taj says:

    Like so many of you I fell head over heals in love with these books. Discovering they came from Baird’s imagination was deeply disappointing – AT FIRST. I myself became a spiritual teacher and mentor for many thousands of individuals in the years since I devoured ‘The Life and Times…’ series. I do not say this to boast or advertise myself. I mention it to relate how so-called “fiction” can have a truly profound power to heal, transform and guide people to discover truths hidden within that fiction. This is not said to excuse Spalding for putting out his tall tales as fact, but rather to tell you that I set out to prove many of the things I learned from his books for myself – and discovered truths hidden within his”lies.” Fiction is frequently the best possible vehicle to deliver lessons in reality.

  20. Qumran Taj says:

    Small correction: I referred to Baird’s series as “Life and Times…” It is, of course “Life and Teachings….” 🙂

  21. Elvira says:

    Hey guys! Why the physical actions are stil so importand to you? Is imagination not more real than the physical actions? Are you sure you really understood the books of Spalding?
    Does anybody know where you can learn more about immortality, levitation and teleportation? Does anybody know about Leonard Orr or Aaravindha Himadra?

  22. Caroline says:

    Whether the books are fact or fiction, I am certain they are written by divine guidance as they bring me back to several spiritual experiences and memories of my own heart felt thoughts like God is all loving, all encompassing; I am spirit and a vessel of loving compassion; I am a universal being; that we can all heal ourselves. Book 5 now brings me to a complete circle of my spiritual journey. We are all Prodigal sons of God to venture out into the world, be lost in the world and then finding our way back home to our own true Selves. Spiritual teachings are not about man made religions, it is about finding our true selves and getting reconnected to the Divinity in us.

  23. IAM says:

    Seek Within

    Its not the journey,miracles or powers that is important in this book but the Life and teachings that is inside the book that we should look for.

    seek within

  24. Melinda says:

    I was drawn to these books many years ago, and am now joyfully re-discovering them. I was initially disappointed to hear that there was evidence that perhaps the books are fictional. However I am learning to recognize Truth where ever and however it comes me, to see through it’s cover to what feels true within. Even the cells of the body know and respond, there’s a resonance, like a tuning fork. This has become my guiding light, my barometer. Yes, Truth finds it’s way into the most unusual packages, but who are we to judge? The vehicle or vessel doesn’t much matter really. Truth’s imprint is unmistakable no matter what form- fact or fiction- it may take. Spalding is offering an incredible vision of Self-Mastery for all you are ready to hear. That we must remove our self-imposed blinders and be willing to fly!

  25. Gillian says:

    I just found this website and feel my experience is relevant. Like others who have commented I was struck by the truth of his fiction. I discovered the books in 1990 and was transfixed by the photo on the cover and became determined to go there, not knowing where “there” was. I travelled to Ladakh, Bhutan, Tibet, Naggar in India and Nepal in 1999 and while I don’t think I found that spot I had some amazing experiences (including meeting the Dalai Lama) and got some great photos. I learnt about Nicholas Roerich and other fascinating persons and my life was enriched. Isn’t that what it is about, encouraging us to go on a Quest?

  26. Ellen says:

    Good day,

    I wonder if the stories about Baird Spalding as described above (on this website) are true. Because the publisher write that Spalding was in India about 1894.

    with kind regards


  27. todd says:

    Thanks for your comment Ellen. The information on this website is not stories – it is backed up by historical research and original documents, including Spalding’s passport application from the Department of State, and other third party sources. I can’t speak to the information on the publisher website, but it’s fair to say that time has proven the claims about Spalding being in India in 1894 as incorrect.

  28. todd says:

    Thanks for your comment Gillian, that’s a great perspective.

  29. George Neo says:

    Masters of the Far East (written around 1900?) uses “thought vibrations” to display “scenes reproduced just as they were when the scenes occurred.” As well as the Internet, movies are a primary tool for ascending awareness & consciousness for humanity. Magpie House Melbourne Australia ( has presented Spiritual/Alternative Cinema for 10 years.
    Then, from Volume 2 =
    “It will not be long before your people will be producing pictures similar to these you have seen. The only difference is that they will be photographic & mechanical, while ours are neither……You are going on & will achieve, in a measure, mechanically, what we do with thought force……You will go on & develop the physical & mechanical until it is perfected to such a degree that you will see there is but one more step to the spiritual. When that time comes, you will have the courage to take the step.”
    If this was written 1900, it pre-dates the movie industry & so is a significant prophecy. Or if written when published, 1924, the “perfection” was well under way & now we have 3D Virtual Reality on the silver screen, but have we the courage to take the step? Regardless, this is a great spiritual truth that says we are here to master the Known (material) before we have any chance of navigating the Unknown (other dimensions).

  30. George Neo says:

    Here’s the rest of my comment, initially regarded as “spam” = Arthur C Clarke, 2001 Space Odyssey author, also “predicts” the future in this fascinating 1960s speech = . He says it’s the end of Biological Evolution, where Machine Evolution is much faster so that machines take over, & we, become REDUNDANT. I’m so glad the future isn’t fixed. Sure, we’re facing a “technological singularity” with the aid of alien technology, but it’s actually an opportunity to transcend the Material & evolve into the Spiritual (Homo Spiritus or Homo Luminous), otherwise Yes, we ARE redundant in the Material realm. Here’s “proof” that Reality is NOT what it seems = (Arigo_Brazil_s_Surgeon_of_the_Rusty_Knife), basis of our Healing Convergence talk where we present a Highly Evolved future as opposed to a “Borg” or Transhumanist society = . Our choice now, then, is to stay with material beliefs only & be overwhelmed by technological madness, or, as Baird suggests, take the courage to take the step into the Spiritual. Namaste!

  31. Michael McMillan says:

    I was surprised to find this site, but my suspicions had been confirmed.
    frankly I dont care if it is fiction. his books have enriched my life and I have once again taken the spiritual path all because of his books.
    Did not Jesus say. All these things that I do, you can do also……
    Everything that Baird T Spalding has mentioned in his books is teaching us that we can be better than what we are. and the things mentioned in his books I am sure with faith we can do also.
    Look at the message not whether it fact or fiction. cause he has enriched my life just by reading.


  32. Ellen says:

    Hello, why should i believe that Spalding was not in India/Nepal around 1890. After many years is it is impossible or difficult to check someone’s travels so long ago.
    Everybody can m.ake a site like this and tell stories.

  33. todd says:

    Hello Ellen, thanks for your comment. The research on this site is drawn from official documents such as passport records, death certificates, the US census, newspaper articles, personal correspondence and biographies. The documents are actually surprisingly available. Spalding’s own publisher Doug Devorss signed his death certificate which shows that he knew Spalding was born in New York in 1872. It is not uncommon today for authors to change their histories to suit their publishers, and Spalding certainly indulged in this. That doesn’t mean his books were any less influential.

  34. Seeker says:

    When you ask Devorss about the pictures Baird talked about, they say that there is no pictures at all. They say the same on here, and that all that story is pure fiction….

    But try to get an original book of Life and teachings, because there are pictures in it, I promess I’ve seen them and I got one of a Master

  35. todd says:

    Thanks for your comment Seeker.

    Unfortunately there are no authentic photographs, since we know today that Spalding never went on the expeditions described in the books. I do have several first editions of Spalding’s books, as well as other correspondence and family photographs. I believe there have been unauthorized editions of Spalding’s books published overseas (e.g. Vietnam) that added photos claiming to be of the expeditions, but those photographs are no more authentic than the claimed prequels and sequels written by people other than Spalding.

  36. Mag says:

    What I am wondering is even if his date of birth is incorrect, does that actually prove that his trip is fiction?

  37. Mag says:

    I also have another question. The Master Babaji in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi has been reported to travel through the air as well as materialise things out of thin air just like the Masters in Spalding’s book. I would like to know your thoughts on that.

  38. Frank Therio says:

    With everything I have read I am astounded by all the divergency surrounding Spalding’s revelations;be it the facts untrue ;where the fruit was picked,the realty of the fruit remains for those of us who believe in man’s ultimate becoming or simply hopes for us all. FRS

  39. Frank Therio says:

    Excuse me for coming back so fast;must simply say this:no matter what environs us,these images are only temporary,speculative desires of our phsiological endowment.We are all here to grow ,evolve to what we all saw and hoped for as children of GOD.THANK YOU for recieving me(in your heart) FRS

  40. Fillerup says:

    The 1875 New York state census shows the following: (from

    Bayard Spalding, age 2, male, born abt. 1873, residence 1 Jun 1875, Springwater, Livingston County, New York, (E.D. 1, household 70)

    S F Spalding 34
    Mary Spalding 38
    Netta Spalding 8
    Hattie Spalding 7
    Hiram Spalding 6
    Mary Spalding 4
    Bayard Spalding 2
    Geo Spalding 0
    Elizabeth Hartwell 30

  41. Podolzer says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have disapointed too when learning that B Spalding has never experienced what he has pretended to.
    I think that I must be honest to myself, I mean that all the facts from the book help me a lot in my life and my soul so the most important is what the book has bring to us and as we know by experience of what is god / true or bad / untrue for us.

    I’m very interesting knowing all the paper / talles / book in which he was inspired to.
    I thank him for writing theses book > the only ones which change my life forever.

  42. Widjajanto Ngartjono says:

    Dear brothers,
    What is actually worth to us ? The journey of Baird T. Spalding to the Himalayas and Tibet or the lessons in the book itself.
    In his book he wrote like this :
    “Personally, at that time, I thought the world was not ready for this message. I was an independent member of the research party and I am now publishing my notes under the title Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, with the thought that the reader may accept or reject, as he wishes.”
    I think by myself is what the main things he wrote in that book was that in his mind and heart and that was a very high attainment. Which if he told it a clear plain manner, people will say “So there is again another new religion”. For me it’s not but the thruth. People always feel his religion is the truth. How about if someone was born in a deepest jungle without any religion only just a simple believes like a spirit in a big tree.
    So if we don’t believe the lesson it’s alright but please compare with Jesus teaching in the bible. Do we know exactly what Jesus meant in his lessons because He said “I always say with examples”. So see some examples in Matthew 13. Do we know all those teaching exactly what he really meant. I try to learn all those teachings.
    How about to stop arguing but to test them in our daily life ? Just do it with an open and humble heart. Throw away all negative thought.
    – First make the dream or what our purpose is. (without depending on our situation or condition).
    – Secondly let the Highly Spirit guide us. This is the hardest way but just do and try it. Don’t arguing with ourself and hesitating and being worried. Just give our burden (our dream) to the Highly Spirit. That will make us easier to do.
    – Third is the main important thing, praising and be thankfull with whole our mind and heart what the Highly Spirit has given us even it’s only tiny or simple things e.g. thanfullness of a meal, a nice rest on a chair, meeting a long not seeing a good friend, after a bath, etc. If we have done it successfully go forth but if we don’t just ask by ourself wether we do it right or not. And if we already know the better/best way then try it again.
    By doing this, me and my family has been succeeding in practicing step by step. It’s look like climbing a mountain so that we can have a more better view and experience. Our life become more better and easier.
    I think or main task in this world is how making the world/universe better is by trying ourself and together to be better and better.
    Thank you and may the Highly Spirit guidance us always.

  43. hans ebbelaar says:

    Everything what Michael Mc Millan said I agree with him I was greatly enriched by the books and my whole life has changed wit it.
    bless you Michael

  44. miachel says:

    I am so thrilled that there are so many people out there that love these books as much as I do. I will echo what most of you have said, I was disappointed that this work claimed to be fact and it is actually fiction. I am glad that Mr. Spalding presented this material as fact though because I processed it as fact and not as fiction. And for me, that is hugely important. I was so uplifted and inspired and excited at the prospect that humanity has the hope of elevating to the understanding of these “Masters”. And I think I wanted to believe there is already evidence of this. However, there are plenty of facts supporting the teachings that our thoughts, expectations, words and so forth, influence our physical environment, and likely create it entirely. So if we desire the ideas in these books to be true, we can create that reality. Spalding had beautiful ideas that would make this world a better place if they were commonly adopted. And he is not th only on with these ideas. Of course the ideas were divinely inspired because we are each an aspect of the Divine. I think, for those of us who find so much truth in these books resonating within us, that we have an opportunity to create these miracles for ourselves, and we can be an example that many people wish to see. These books can be his fiction and our facts. As someone else pointed out, everything starts as a thought or an idea. Maybe Spalding popularized these ideas with his works of fiction, but they are still good ideas. And even if we fail at creating some of the miracles he described, we will make the world a better place with our attempts. And I have no doubt that will also have incredible success with our miracles too. Maybe he had to present this work as truth so we would accept it as truth within ourselves. The key now is to hold onto the points we loved and call them forth in our lives. I wish you all the best in living the Truth within you.

  45. Qumran Taj says:

    I have commented before and mirrored the sentiments of most of you here. I will add only this simple thought: What we call “truth” is not as simple and straight forward as we might suppose at first glance. There are so-called ‘fictions’ and allegorical stories that are more true than what you read in the “news” published everyday. Speaking for myself alone I was entranced, as most of you were, by these accounts that we now call fiction. They spurred me on to investigate whether these things were real or merely the fabrication of a good storyteller. For whatever it is worth (and that will likely be very little to strangers that know nothing of me) I found much truth in his books. Truths that I have spent years testing and corroborating. I have learned to accomplish feats that most would consider “impossible.” Not the full extent of the things written of in the books, mind you, but astounding nevertheless. This was possible, in part, because until recent years I truly BELIEVED Baird’s accounts to be true. I therefore believed humans were capable of it. There IS power in belief or faith and I am living proof of that. So, to all of you who, like me, are disappointed over Baird’s deception, please know that there IS truth IN PRINCIPLE in his writings. It is not a completely fictitious accounting.

    This is all I have to say on this topic and sincerely wish you all the brightest blessings in seeking out your own spiritual truths. 🙂

  46. Ellen says:

    Maybe the travel to India and Nepal and so is fiction. But the visions about the translation of the Bible and the lessons are true. And it is known that it is possible to travel through the air by wishing (powerthoughts) also the other miracles.

  47. scott says:

    Read the books 30 or more years ago and loved them. Started researching Spalding, found a book if I remember correctly was Baird Spalding as I Knew Him, also found an article somewhere that said he got a lot of his information from a newspaper series published by a major west coast paper, sorry I can’t remember exact names, this was a long time ago and I gave away many of my New Age books. Spaldings books are like T Lobsang Rampa’s, and Castenadas books, great fiction, with bits and peices of truth in them. I’ve discovered that the truth is truth, it’s out there if you open your heart and mind to it, and you DO NOT need some new age whiz kid telling you what to do, how to do it, or who to do it with or follow. I hadn’t thought about Spalding for years, then a friend at church told me that Wayne Dyer was mentioning him in his new pbs series. If true, I feel sorry for Dyer that he’s stooping so low that he has to bring up books of fiction to make himself seem mystical. Spalding’s books are warm fuzzy fiction with some truth to the teachings, nothing more nothing less.

  48. George Neo says:

    The “Reality” for most is that the accounts are not true, but “Truth” is beyond Reality, they are NOT the same thing. And so it really doesn’t matter if you cannot “prove” it without, the “proof” is actually within.
    Having shown Spiritual Cinema for 10 years at, I was very pleased to discover the following prophecy in Book 2:
    “It will not be long before your people will be producing pictures similar to these you have seen. The only difference is that they will be photographic & mechanical, while ours are neither……You are going on & will achieve, in a measure, mechanically, what we do with thought force……You will go on & develop the physical & mechanical until it is perfected to such a degree that you will see there is but one more step to the spiritual. When that time comes, you will have the courage to take the step.” The Video & Movie industry!
    Likewise, Don Juan is the so-called “fictional” character in the Castaneda series, the books of the 20th century. Despite appearances, the use of psychedelic & hallucinogenic substances was denounced by the 3rd book as “an excellent way to shut down the internal dialogue, but it does untold damage to the body”. So why was the other apprentice fed more hallucinogens? “Because he’s more stupid than you” was Don Juan’s reply.
    And again, Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series is also a so-called “fictional” character, yet the “truths” are equally profound. Anastasia declares “I Exist for Whom I Exist”. And so, it’s entirely up to you, remembering that Truth is BEYOND Reality. Try this profound Truth:
    “Reality is Everything, but Truth is No-thing.” Consistent with the idea that all material existence manifests from the Void. Namaste

  49. scott says:

    “Metaphysical madness has got you in it’s grip, tarot cards and ancient bards, take an astral trip”. Magic is all around you, you don’t need some book or self proclaimed prophet telling you what to do or how to do it. Let the books collect dust on the shelves and go discover your world on your own. Open your eyes to the glory that is all around you, there is where you will find the beauty and wonder of the world. Be your own Master.

  50. thierry says:

    Good morning has all

    That love includes you and make felt you to the truth since your heart

    Important the unbelievable is to think, do not doubt because it comes of very high and transcendent

    For my part that his writings is true or not have no importance, because in the bottom of my heart I know that all that is the truth, all over my knowledge on the quantum physics joining the facts of the book that other persons lived, of several facts that took place in the course of the history of the men, when I began my researches 20 years ago I was filled with wonder by the book, but sceptic.
    Now, further to my researches I am not him any more of the whole and everything in daytimes I puts in practices this ideal of love and it with fantastic effects on my body and my mind and urges you to take this book as a Bible of love of one and others

    with all my love, that vs achieve knowledge and wisdom of the heart, alone it will save us from this world tortured by our destructive thoughts

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