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Because the pendulum of Spalding’s personality swung across such a wide arc which contained contradictions, falsities, deception, kindness, gentleness, selfishness, generosity, anger, hatred and love for his fellowman (as well as combinations of these), it is very difficult to present a comprehensive picture of him. The shortest, and probably the most effective, description of him is that he was fantastic – and fabulous.

David Bruton

Who was Baird T Spalding?

Baird Thomas Spalding is the nom de plume of Bayard Spaulding*, an American writer born in 1872 in Cohocton, New York. Spalding self-published Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East in 1924 which told of a fantastic research expedition to India and Tibet in the 1890’s that witnessed masters who could perform miraculous feats, imparting simple spiritual truths in a format which appealed to Western audiences.

Spalding’s first book was republished by DeVorss & Co and became a runaway hit, selling many thousands of copies and leading Spalding on lecture tours across America. Spalding continue to write three more volumes of Life and Teaching, and led a small group of followers to India in 1935. He died in 1953 in Arizona at the age of 80.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he was born in the 1850’s in England, and his father/grandfather was from India. What’s your source for saying otherwise?

Baird T Spalding’s family history has been published here, taken from authoritative sources such as passport records, the US census and Spaulding family obituaries and they are unequivocal.

Spalding had no family connection to India, but he did have a lifelong penchant for tall tales. The biography and timeline provided in the books and on the DeVorss & Co website is primarily based on those tales and is mostly fictional, just like Spalding’s nom de plume.

Are the books fiction or non-fiction? Did Spalding actually go to India in 1894?

Many readers are disappointed when they learn that Spalding did not go to India in 1894, and there was no research expedition as described in Life and Teaching. Spalding was only 22 years old in 1894, and he spent most of the 1890’s in the Yukon mining for gold. Spalding’s first visit to India was in 1935 at the behest of his publisher, after the release of Life and Teaching Volume 3.

Presenting fictional material of a spiritual nature in the style of scientific expeditions to distant lands and discoveries of rare documents was a popular genre around the turn of the century (see Nicholas Notovitch and Edmund Bordeaux Szekely for similar examples). Life and Teaching is a work of fiction in the genre of magical autobiography.

Spalding was a fascinating man who freely mixed fact and fiction in his life, telling stories that varied from one telling to the next. Many of the incredible stories surrounding Spalding were told in a way that helped people to comprehend the spiritual content of his books.

Can I get a map of Spalding’s travels through India, or the names of his companions? What about the location or photographs of the Temple Of Silence, the Healing Temple, or the Temple Of The Great Tau?

Unfortunately, since Spalding did not travel to India as described in Life and Teaching, there is no map, photographs or further information available. Astute readers may notice the books lack any detailed information about locations or people that is typical of scientific expeditions. The journey, researchers and the temples existed only in Spalding’s imagination.

Spalding’s books and his publisher say he studied at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Heidelberg. Is that true?

Spalding did make those claims, but there are no records of him studying at Berkeley, Stanford or Columbia according to University registrars. Since Spalding did not travel to Germany, it is highly unlikely he studied at the University of Heidelberg.

Where did the spiritual content of the books come from?

Much of the content of Life and Teaching was inspired by the New Thought movement. Spalding was a member of a New Thought group in San Francisco during the early 1920’s when he wrote Life and Teaching Volume One and the first chapters of the book were published in the groups magazine. His wife Stella Spalding was an intelligent, University educated woman who helped Spalding greatly when writing the books. Spalding’s publisher Doug DeVorss was raised  in the Unity Church, a New Thought group, and it is likely he had input on the later volumes of Life and Teaching.

Spalding was a wealthy man, wasn’t he? Didn’t he own several gold mines?

Spalding was mechanically inclined, and worked as a mining engineer in Alaska, Montana and California for much of his early life. Although he was involved in several mining ventures, none were particularly successful and at least two of them ended up bankrupt or in legal troubles. It appears that his primary income from the 1930’s until his death in 1953 was income from book sales. He died with few assets to his name.

What about Spalding’s relationships with famous scientists and artists like Einstein, Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz and Cecil B DeMille?

Most of the people named have been covered extensively by biographers, and there are historical archives of their correspondence and diaries. Spalding isn’t mentioned in them, or the connections are extremely tenuous. Many of these claims can again be chalked up to Spalding’s penchant for tall tales.

Did Spalding write any other books?

No. Life and Teaching Volumes 1-4 were his only works. Volumes 5 and 6 were published posthumously by DeVorss from articles Spalding wrote for Mind Magazine and from collected notes of the India Tour in 1935.

The Vietnamese book Journey to the East (Hanh Trinh Ve Phuong Dong) by Nguyen Phong which claims to be a translation of a Spalding book written in 1924 is a work of fiction written in the 1970’s by the pseudonymous Nguyen Phong.

If all these stories about Spalding aren’t true and his books were fiction, why bother with the research on this website?

Despite his love for tall tales, Spalding was a fascinating man, and the story of how he managed to enchant people with his books and lectures is one worth telling. Although he battled his own personal demons for many years, Spalding had a positive influence on many readers, and his books remaining in print nearly sixty years after his death is a testament to their appeal.

In the years since his death, and despite the lack of supporting evidence for his stories, Spalding has become an important influence on alternative religions and New Age thought in general. This website examines Spalding from a cultural, historical and anthropological point of view, celebrating the life of a man who achieved immortality in print far beyond his wildest dreams. In the spirit of the Native American trickster legends, Spalding challenges readers to think outside normal religious beliefs, with a sparkle in his eye that reminds you that truth is often far stranger than fiction.

*A note on names. For clarity, the website refers to Baird Spalding by that name, even though he was born as Bayard Spaulding. Members of his family are referred to with the Spaulding surname.

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  1. sheila peterson says:

    DearTodd, Jeanne Ryan reported 0n February 24th, 2013, an older comment this trail of comments, that her friend came across volume 1 and 111 of Mr. Spalding’s “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” and that inside Volume 111 there are two newspaper clippings and two handwritten letters by Mr. Spalding to a Miss Goldie Worthley.

    Jeanne Ryan, further detailed that one letter was written on Seattle Hotel Mayflower letterhead, dated March 21st, 1936 and the other on a ship letterhead stationary, from the S.S. Naldera, Hong Kong, China, dated March 21, 1936, the contents of these letters being about when Mr. Spalding would be in Seattle again.

    You confirmed that Mr. Spalding did indeed land in Seattle on April 21st, 1936 and that a Miss. Goldie Worthley (1885-1971) was listed in the 1940 census.

    You admitted in your post on February 24th, 2013, 3:01 p.m., earlier above, replying to Miss Jeanne Ryan, that this information was new and showed much interest in obtaining copies of such c clippings and letters.

    My question is: did you in fact get copies of such clippings and letters handwritten by Mr. Spalding on said stationary???
    My comment is: if indeed Mr. Spalding was in China at the said time and you said you didn’t know this, just as well that he could have been in India earlier and you just don”t know either.

    If you took the time to declare Mr. Spalding claims of being on expeditions in India as lies, then you should now take the time to tell us if he was indeed in China and you didn’t find records of this before either.


  2. sheila peterson says:

    I challenge you, Todd, to make clear, how your research shows that for sure that Mr. Baird T. Spalding was not in India before writing his books, especially since he only applied for an American passport after his 63 years of age. He never had a birth certificate or baptism paper.

    His father, Baird T. Spalding 11, and his Grandfather Spalding 1, as reported did come from India.
    I living on a small Caribbean island together with people from approx. 150 nations, know first hand about people traveling undocumented on so called “banana boats” even now and some older ones in my lifetime having no birth certificate and even having to obtain a passport later in life by grace of kind hearted officials, even in land they were not born.

    You do as if, you can know for sure the movements of an undocumented person’s travels in the early 1900’s. Let me assure you Todd, as personal friend of several undocumented persons up to this day, you cannot know for sure, not even in your so called great country of America in the early 1900’s.

  3. sheila peterson says:

    And Todd, even on the subject of traveling legally; on our little 37 square miles, half Dutch, half French island with passports just as sophisticated as American passports, there are older folks who have passports from two different countries and travel on one passport or the other depending where they are traveling to. So again, please explain how you know for sure that Mr. Baird never was in India before writing his books????

    After all, his grandfather was from there. sheila.

  4. todd says:

    Sheila, thanks for your comments.

    There is no doubt that Baird went to India in the 1930’s with a tour group of his followers, and it is well documented with his passport, customs records, photos etc. However, it is the original claimed trip in the 1890’s that is the subject of his Life and Teachings books, and there is simply nothing to support that the 1890’s trip ever happened. Consider that it is Baird’s own passport application (co-signed by his brother) in 1935 in which he acknowledged that he was born in upstate NY in 1872, not elsewhere in the 1850’s as claimed in his books. Baird’s publisher also knew this, because he signed Baird’s death certificate in 1953, which also shows he was born in NY in 1872.

    Tracing Baird’s family history from New York shows no connection to India – all of the stories about Indian relatives are just stories that helped promote Baird’s larger than life personality. As I am (slowly) working on Baird’s biography, it’s important that I acknowledge both Baird’s writings and the historical facts as I uncover them. I realize this is uncomfortable for some people, but the books are no less relevant in my opinion, and that of many commenters here.

    I do know exactly where Baird was in the 1890’s when he claimed to be in India – he was a young man in the Yukon mining during the Gold Rush, and this is covered extensively in a rare autobiography which devotes a long chapter to our beloved Mr Spalding. I hope to post more on it soon. There is a copy in the Seattle library if you happen to be in this area.

  5. george says:

    recently came across this site again today via viewing the wikipedia entry on spalding. i have vol 1 sitting on the bookshelf behind me, which i stopped reading halfway through on account of finding this site.

    the last time i read the wikipedia entry a number of years ago, there was a quote/story by someone who knew spalding personally and asked him why he told people he was in India when it was pretty clear he wasn’t. his reply was something along the lines of i didnt travel there physically, but rather through astral projection. this paragraph is now missing. at that time i interpreted this as him being a complete fruitloop, but these days i’m not so sure (something something quantum physics).

  6. todd says:

    Thanks for your comment George. It appears someone edited that note out of Wikipedia. The source was the notebooks of Paul Brunton Vol 16, and the exact quote is below. Brunton is referring to Spalding’s ill-fated 1936 trip to India with his followers. You can read more about Brunton at

    “(Spalding) attached himself, with a party of fourteen disciples, to me for a couple of weeks when he discovered that I was in India at the time. I pointed out to him that his descriptions of the Masters did not tally with the facts as some of us knew them. He finally admitted that the books dealt with visits made in his astral body, not in his physical body as readers were led to believe.”

  7. carol says:

    Like almost all of those commenting above I was initially very disappointed to find that this work is “fictional” – but I am so grateful for coming upon this website and these postings. (I know there are no accidents) There are so many heart felt, thoughtful comments and it is deeply reassuring to read them and to be reminded of just how many intelligent, spiritually aware people there are who care about these most essential things – especially in these times. It seems as though Spalding is accomplishing his mission.

  8. George Neo says:

    Why be ‘disappointed’ Carol? The Writings are ‘Real’ in someone’s imagination, just as our Waking Reality is ALSO a product of ‘Image-Ination’, There Is No Difference!
    If the information ‘Resonates’ as ‘Truth’, then it is YOUR truth that is beyond Reality! From CwG: “Finally, I’ve grasped the Truth”. “Careful, you mean YOUR truth, right? The Truth does not exist as an objective reality.” Home with God
    “Reality is Every-thing, but Truth is No-thing.” No wonder spirituality is unpopular…George Neo
    Course in Miracles derived = “If I remember I’m dreaming, there’s nothing out there but my own projection. It’s my dream because there’s only one of us, & I’m “re-calling” because there’s only one of us.”
    Anastasia from Ringing Cedars of Russia says, “I exist for those for whom I exist.” No-one knows if she truly exists.
    Same with Don Juan from the Castaneda books. “We are placed into a bubble at the moment of our birth. At first the bubble is open, but then it begins to close until it has sealed us in. That bubble is our perception. We live inside that bubble all of our lives. And what we witness on its round walls is our own reflection.” Breaking the Bubble of Perception is our Task, it seems Real but it’s just a Reflection!

  9. carol says:

    Thank you George – You make your point beautifully and after my initial disappointment and rethinking things I came to the same conclusions. It is MY truth that counts for me and I was able to step up and say that the ideas expressed in these books come into alignment with what I feel to be true – therefore it doesn’t matter how or by what method these truths came into my hands – in fact it is lovely to think (know) that these are all personal gifts given for my personal assistance. I feel as though I am now in the process of “breaking the bubble of perception” – its a trip! And all assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

  10. Aililan says:

    If you are interested in this topic, I can recommend the book “Immortal Self” by Aaravindha Himadra (“Das Tal der unsterblichen Meister” in German). This one is a true journey and the wisdom of the Masters is beyond anything, I have ever come across on my spiritual journey.

  11. AnnieM says:

    I cam across the French version a few weeks ago, not even finished reading yet. Was very intrigued about the author. I must admit, like most of you, that I was disappointed to learn that the book is pure fiction. But as many said, the lessons are so inspiring, so “true’ to me…it resonates with my inner-divine-self. It made me turn to Jesus again, from whom I have been away a long time. Letting go of my ego and trying to live as Jesus prescribed and taught during his life… having full confidence in God or the divine inside of each individual (although hard) is the best way to live a joyful, peaceful and wonderful life. And that is the gift I got from that book. Jesus is my new best friend.

  12. A.Kaa says:

    I stumbled on this site looking for info on David Bruton, who wrote a biography of Mr.Spalding. Id not heard any negatives about Baird until I started reading Bruton’s book. I was shocked from page 1, I felt jealousy, and anger right away. This was no biography to me, its a book about Bruton discrediting Baird. Page 39 is as far as I went, the book is horrible. So what I was looking for was Bruton when I found you guys. So anyway I read what you all had to say. I agree with George Neo and partly with AnnieM, that what you got out of it and felt at the core of your being is very important, The info about his using the astral means of travel changes everything . Baird may well have done that. Just think of that back then they probably figured best not to mention that. The books were already pretty far out so they decided to we’ve a story of land travel. I can see that. Personally a man like Baird with all his knowledge and contacts in my thinking is not dead, just the thing that Baird and DeVorss, his good friend, died in the same year raises suspicion. Baird told us that the Masters had more than one body. So they left their bodies behind and took another and most likely returned to India and the Masters. As far as all the paper proofs and passport stuff we know this was not carefully cared for back then AND they could have changed or put in place any kind of info they chose with their connections before they left. That’s my take on the whole thing, its not impossible. I personally refuse to think badly of
    Baird at this time. His books are incredible , my first reads in 1990 and several times since and love every bit of it, Just finished the second reading of the 6th vol. did you all notice he plainly gives us the KEY to everything on page 67 of vol. 6. Now last but not least Todd you are writing a biography on Baird, where are you on this? almost done or half thru or what. Are you trying to discredit him also or getting to the truth of his real life. Im looking forward to reading your book. Are they any other biography’s out there that you know of?Why are you writing this book. Thank you for your patience, this is a bit long. But I truly have deep feelings about all this.

  13. A.Kaa says:

    I finished the book, baird t, spalding as I knew him, by david bruton. bruton tries to discredit Baird thru out the book. bruton says all kinds of things, but gives no proof. Never gives a name of who’s giving him the info. Always says he has totally researched it and knows it to be the truth but gives us nothing. Were to take bruton’s word for this whole book. Upon trying to get info on bruton, there is nothing except this book. Im surprised he was not sued for slander. Reading bruton’s description of Baird the person, increases my belief that Baird was indeed a Master. Would love to here comments from others who have read bruton’s book.

  14. Qumran Taj says:

    Having read Bruton’s book myself, I can only agree with you that it was written to attack and defame Spalding. Personally, I would stop short of saying Baird was a master- like the kind he describes in his books anyhow. Having said that, who can deny the power and effect his work has had on readers throughout the world- including ME! As I’ve hinted at elsewhere in this thread, I’ve corroborated some of the spiritual truths in Spalding’s books independently and on my own. In other words, the DETAILS in the books may not be entirely accurate but they still teach TRUTH in principle.

  15. Francis says:

    In the French version “la vie des maitres”, there are 3 prooves of the reality of the facts !
    1) Jacques Weiss (autor of french version) heard an angel who told him that if he not go to usa, he not meet Spalding. He went following the signs and met Spalding.
    2) I have forgotten the second proove, because on week ends I go to my parents and search on Internet without the book
    3) the third proove is that Jacques Weiss went to India following the signs, AND MET “KRUPA RAO = JAST who shown him the papers of Spalding quest in India. There is an ashram to meditate in Kakinada, west bengale where Jacques Weiss met KRUPA RAO.

    WHO WILL FOLLOW ME TO MEET THE MASTERS ??? Francis from France.

  16. Qumran Taj says:

    A.Kaa comments seem to be right on point. After reading Bruton’s book myself it became obvious that it was written as an attack and smear campaign against Spalding. I have little respect for books written with the express purpose of tearing down someone’s reputation, especially when that person is not in a position to defend themselves.

    While I would stop short of calling Baird a master of the sort he describes in his books, who can deny that his message has touched the lives of people world wide – including ME?

    Speaking for myself alone I can truthfully said the following: Although the “facts” and details in Spalding’s books may not all be accurate, technically speaking, I have been able to see and corroborate in my own personal experience many of the TRUTHS behind the stories he tells. Fiction can hold an abundance of truth and “facts” can deceive.

    Baird was flawed, as are we all, but his books hold much wisdom, truth and inspiration. For that I am grateful and my life is richer for having read them.

  17. carol says:

    Amen to Qumran Jai’ s comments. Also I would highly recommend
    a book mentioned in one of the comments above: “Immortal Self” by Aaravindha Himadra. It is a beautifully written book about a journey the author took in 2006 subtitled “A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Immortal Masters” Aaravindha is with us now here on the planet and you can find him on Youtube talking about his experiences.

  18. Francis says:

    We are free to be humble and to surrender to a Master who represents GOD or to be on our own way (ego)

    There are many proofs that Spalding met the Masters in the French version. With you or not I will meet them !

  19. Francis says:

    With or without you I will meet the Masters ! There are many proofs in the French version that Spalding, who was not a master, met the Masters and espescially KRUPA RAO in Kakinada.

    With or without you I will meet KRUPA RAO and the other Masters !

  20. Qumran Taj says:

    I never said Spalding didn’t MEET the masters, I said ‘I would stop short of saying he WAS a master.’ Was he a master like the ones he describes in his books? I don’t know. I would say his TEACHINGS are MASTERFUL. Let us not forget, however, that in his books he never claimed he personally could do ANY of the things the masters could do. Also, when he was traveling the country giving lectures there is no report I know of that he performed any miraculous deeds as the masters are said to have done for him and his companions.

    When it comes to any one human representing GOD, well, that is a slippery slope, in my humble opinion and I think the mainstream religions have that base covered. At any rate, it is NOT a subject I would debate in this forum.

  21. Qumran Taj says:

    Wow! You appear to have taken my comments as a personal challenge to what you believe. It was not intended as such. FYI, I DO believe in spiritual masters who do miraculous works. In that you and I agree. My comments were directed at the general discussion in this thread regarding Spalding himself and the truthfulness of his writings.

    You may be overly sensitive to any comment that don’t harmonize perfectly with your own faith in Spalding’s writings. That is a sure sign of doubts in YOUR OWN faith. What does it matter if I or anyone else believe differently than you do? It doesn’t matter at all. You keep saying you will meet the great master ‘with or without you.’ Do you even know me Francis? What does it matter if I am with you or not? Again, this appears to me as a weakness in your own faith and, frankly, it has NOTHING to do with me at all.

    If it is any consolation to you, I DO believe Spalding’s books are truthful- even if those truths are wrapped in a fictitious narrative.

    All the best to you Francis 🙂

  22. Edward says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing research, trying to track down the origins of ‘ascended master’ ideology. Does anyone know if Spalding ever used the phrase? I understand that he and Guy Ballard were acquaintances, and that Ballard used some of Spalding’s ideas about the ‘great I AM’ in his own books. But the concept of ascended masters and the ascension apparently were not fully developed until the Ballards came along. Just like Spalding, Ballard claimed that his experiences were genuine, even though he was exposed as a liar early on. Perhaps unwittingly, the Ballards created a Frankenstein monster that still stalks the Earth. Decade after decade, new channelers keep popping up claiming contact with ascended masters. If only these folks knew it was was a scam from the start.

  23. Benjamin says:

    Edward your comment started out in a wonderfully unbiased and quite though-provoking manner where I was mislead in believing that you had something significant to say in a quest for truth as myself and many of the other commenters are in a quest for, but unfortunately once you used the word “liar” you skidded into an abyss wreaking of fear. Truth cannot be found in fear. A liar is certainly not after Truth and only a liar speaks in such definite terms ” If only these folks knew it was was a scam from the start”. Maybe you are an “ascended master”? or are you an “assended master” lol. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  24. Benjamin says:

    Sorry for the spelling error…it was well past my bedtime and possibly some karma for being so pugnacious (lol) but strangely enough, “wreaking” works almost as well as “reeking”.

  25. keith willcock says:

    I am 70m years old now and have worked in the field of mental healing since I was 20. When I was 30 I had a practice in Montreal, Canada as a Clinical Psychologist. One of my students was a young man who had been declared as a borderline schizophrenic by the medical powers. He used to come to see me often and I was quite intrigued by his frequent and profound understanding of life. I considered that In many ways he was much more evolved spiritually than I was and during his short life I learned much from him. One day he came in and dropped the 6 volume set Life and Teachings of the Masters on my desk. “I bought these in a second hand book store. Thought you might enjoy them”, he said. I looked at him quite sharply and in retrospect I felt that in that moment he had seen into my soul and perceived who I really was and what my aims in life really were. I set the books aside knowing that I was not ready to receive them at that time. I have carried them with me until now (approx. 40 years) I am now beginning volumn 3. During those years I have traveled to India several times and have learned much about metaphysics in a hands on way through shamans and spiritual teachers around the world. I mention that simply to say that NOW I find nothing unusual in Spalding’s books. I have experienced many similar “off conscious” states. In my opinion they are all forerunners of where we will be hopefully sooner rather than later. Clearly Spalding didn’t physically live these experiences but when one reads them with an open mind they truly resonate. Truth and Love always do. Om Shanti

  26. Qumran Taj says:

    What a wonderful account! Thank you for sharing. Truth is not always “factual.”

  27. Sheila Higgins says:

    I have been reading these books for over 30 years and they have given me much peace and answered many questions. I also have had many beautiful experiences after meditation on them.

  28. Edward says:

    Concerning the use of the word ‘liar’…It is difficult to come up with a more appropriate word, at least in the Ballards’ case. The evidence of plagiarism in the writing of their ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ and ‘The Magic Presence’ is blatant. Spalding’s works were criticized in the similar fashion. His journeys to the East and his meetings with ‘Masters’ never happened. They were literary fictions. Spalding’s and Ballard’s works properly belong to the genre of ‘magical autobiography’. And yet the Ballards claimed that the experiences depicted in their books happened, not in the imagination, but in real life. Liar, liar! No ‘abyss of fear’. Just the truth.

  29. Qumran Taj says:

    I too have benefited heartily from having them. People who harp on the fact that Baird manufactured his part in the story miss the point. There are great truths behind every page of these books. For example, I could fabricate a wonderful story about my visit to Buckingham Palace and how I met the queen and other royals. I could tell about how well we got on and that my vacation ended with my being knighted by the Queen herself! The whole story- or my part in it anyhow- could be false. Still, Buckingham palace, the royals, the queen and many other details may be very real. I would say Baird’s books are akin to historical fiction; a fantasy based on spiritual truth.

  30. Michael McMillan says:

    The Basis of the Book is Spiritual Enlightenment. Which it has achieved in many aspects. who cares of it was fabricated in part or whole. the purpose of Spaldings writings is enlightenment and Spiritual awareness, as he touched on many things. …. Astral Travel etc. So I gained alot of awareness and knowledge from his writings. 🙂

  31. Sheila Higgins says:

    If you doubt that this expedition really happened the evidence that it did is in the 6th volume for those who have any doubts. These books helped me grow so much on every level. It took time and lots of mediation but was well worth it. As a professional clairvoyant I can only say that this is more than just an interesting read they are a profound tool for personal growth.

    Love and light to all.

  32. Mary Hill says:

    Sheila…thank you for the additional info. I was shocked to read this article because I’ve done some metaphysical/spiritual research purely for my own edification and after the third read-through of volumes1-6 I couldn’t find anything of significant contradiction to what I have read or spiritual documentaries I’ve watched suffice it to say the precepts put forth by the Masters mirror information I’ve gathered from books about the missing years of Yeshua’s life before his ministry and the learning process that gave him the same powers as the Masters. If Mr Spalding created fictional series of books about a fictional excursion to India, I am led to wonder if he might have been inspired to do so by one of those self-same Masters who wanted their message brought out to an eager, New Age audience. Thank you for your consideration. M Hill

  33. Mary Hill says:

    Keep reading George. Whether it was astral projection or the inspirstional promptings of the Masters he quotes I believe there is a great deal of truth in what Spalding wrote as it coincides with my own research. Moses is accredited with writing the first five books of the Old Testament. Is there documentation that he was in the Garden of Eden? Or do you think he may have been the first writer inspired by spirit beings? Just wondering.

  34. neil stevens says:

    Francis this is quite interesting about jast . people can talk all they want but the truth is always stranger then fiction. In the story of pilot baba it gets much stranger then life and teachings but I believe it to be true. Proving life and teachings to be true if it is is of course a very worthy goal .would love to know more about jast thanks much.thanks for sticking to your guns.

  35. Trilby Johnson says:

    These books fell into my hands earlier this year! They came at a time when I had lost all direction in my life. I knew on reading the material that the information was true! How, because they reflected some of my deepest and personal thoughts and beliefs. Since reading Jane Roberts work I have not had any written work ‘feed my soul’ so powerfully.
    So I was very shocked to find that apparently the expedition never really happened and then another version that Mr. Spalding channelled this information.
    I bought the whole set and am busy reading book 4. That many claim this work to be fiction is unimportant when it comes down to it, and like many of you, I feel I have and am learning so much important stuff from these books. I was delighted to read Sheila Higgins’ comment and look forward to confirmation in book 6.
    For centuries, information of this kind has been discredited as untrue. There is also much that is ‘true’ that has had to be classed as fiction, to be presented in a form that is acceptable.
    I do know that there is more to what is true than is currently visible and accessible to many. The times are changing though and I think the popularity of these works speaks for itself. I know for myself, the information answered something within me that has been calling for a long long time. As Byron said, ‘Tis strange — but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.”. As a healer I know that there are forces present that go beyond human understand – and yet they work. And Spirit works in mysterious ways.
    All I can say is I am so grateful that these books came into my life. Whether false or fiction, it’s the best story ever! 🙂

  36. Viv says:

    Because I have also had wonderful experiences that some might term as mystical, which seemed totally natural to me when they happened, I can easily believe the 1st 3 volumes as they are Divinely inspired.

    Volume 4 does not seem to be written by the same author at all.

  37. Ben says:

    Consider this: in Volume 5, Chapter 4 (published in 1955) we hear about so-called “God cells”, further described as “a ganglia of true cells, located just below the heart center.” The inference is that these cells are similar to certain brain cells and are linked to the subconscious.

    The Heart Math Institute now advances the concept of ” The little brain in the heart” ( first proposed in the early nineties), consisting of special cells called ” sensory neurites”, which communicate with or pass instructions to the brain neurons. This theme is picked up by Gregg Braden in his recent book “Resilience from the Heart”.

    This seems worth investigating.

  38. Emmy Morgan says:

    I picked up “The Life and Teachings…” at a garage sale many years ago. These books changed my life. I have studied all five (which is all I thought there were). I have taught others using Spalding’s info and most importantly, Spalding’s books changed my personal life.

    I used to be not so sure about who that God “person” was. How He fit into my female life. Not to mention that if this “story” was in fact true, then why was I living the way I was?

    Spalding changed my life. For the better. I’m an energy healer. He convinced me that what I thought I was doing, was real. It had value. I am now able to create a healing space for others as well as myself. I am able to create the life I wanted to live and not just stuck with what I thought was my only choice.

    After 5-6x through these books, I can only attest that Spalding’s info is powerful and what he suggests, works.

  39. Mitchell NewDelman says:


    Has anybody heard of a 117 page bound original-typewriter manuscript of “The Life and Teachings…”?


  40. Mitchell NewDelman says:

    Dear Emmy and Viv and others who read this comment:

    I agree that there is something ‘inspired’ in the real Baird Spalding Volumes 1, 2 & 3: I have not read any material ascribed to be his writing published after his death in 1953.

    Strange as this sounds, I bought a Privately BOUND manuscript some 34 years ago. I recall it was at a used book fair; and as soon as I touched it, it was mine. It is the ribbon-copy of a TYPEWRITTEN ‘manuscript’ with minor hand corrections of a very few keystroke errors. Remember, this was produced on a mechanical typewriter using INK on Paper…hence these are the original words used by Mr. Spalding.

    If you (or Todd; or any other visitor to Todd’s website) sends me an e-mail I would be happy to reply with a few scanned pages. I am in the process of preparing a book with my commentaries; including why I waited to announce the existence of this manuscript of VOL 1; VOL 2 and VOL 3.

    As for further authenticity, it sure looks like they were all typed at some contiguous period of years because the paper and typeface is identical throughout. My guess is that it may have been typed by Stella.

    Of course, it would be an encouragement to undertake this book effort if I knew there were consumers. I am prepared to publish the original with comments derived from experience now that I am past 70. Does anybody have any idea of size of the “community”; people curious about ‘Spalding’ for any reason and no matter where they reside.

    I am principally interested in writing a very positive scientific investigative study of his teachings. The 19th century visit was a smart strategic fiction to assure a lasting impact on readers. But his impact is Humanistic centered Life-Science.

    I live in Europe but may visit the USA sometime in the next few months.

    Cheers to ALL

  41. todd says:

    Thanks Mitchell, that’s very interesting. I do know Stella typed the original manuscript and it was privately published by a group in SF before DeVorss & Co published it. I would definitely be interested in seeing a copy.

    Interest in Spalding is consistent. I wish I had more time to work on the site but alas, life demands otherwise at the moment.



  42. Mitchell NewDelman says:

    Hi Todd;

    The manuscript I have makes no mention of it being one of several or one of many privately publshed copies. Please send me an e-mail address to which I can send you a few pages. Then you can tell me if you believe this manuscript was ever published in this form. There is neither a copyright reservation nor any mention of who might have paid for the binding together of these typewritten pages ! Another Spalding mystery perhaps but with something tangible.

    I also use Skype if you prefer to discuss options. That conversation ought not take up too much time.

    Do you know of any blog contributor working on a book?


  43. I found his six books wonderfully inspiring. More than any other material written.

    I also found many of his affirmations worthwhile as well. This is because I tried them and found them to be true.

    A true fan.


  44. Trying to prove spiritual concepts in a linear fashion is self defeating in and of itself. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

    A professional psychic.


  45. Calvin says:

    Hi guys, I must say that i really enjoyed all the comments here.
    Now, if you were to read those books with your “Heart” instead of your “brain”, you will know whether to believe or not.
    The “Heart” will always tell the truth, nothing but the truth (not the brain).
    Many of the information in those books really resonated in me thru my heart.
    I’ve indeed gained a lot, spiritually from those books. Thank you!

  46. Virginia Warren says:

    I have only just finished the first book and have started the second (all in a matter of hours as I couldn’t put them down).

    I hadn’t heard of these writings until about two weeks ago. As we know there are NO accidents in this life. All I can say is, fiction or non-fiction, the words in books speak to me like no other. As I am reading, questions pop into my head and then the answer comes shortly after in the words Mr Spalding writes. It is like I am having a conversation through this book as if those words were just meant for me to read. I am truly grateful for these works.

    Another true fan,

  47. Richard says:

    Hello everybody … People in this blog are talking about 6 books ??? I am French and I only read one book from Spalding ??? Are they many books in English??? Thank you for answering me

  48. Marcos says:

    This book, I am half way through Vol 1, is powerful. To hear it is not actual and even more so, contrived lies, is deeply disappointing. Like so many here, I felt, wanted, yearned for the book to be true. What I think is happening here, with this book, is a mix of business, fiction, clever author, and the breath of divine truth. It taps our collective longing for freedom. The force of the book is just too strong, like we are remembering an old room in a house we used to spend so much of our time, long forgotten. That is how we once lived, in that room, in that knowledge, we were all Masters among the Masters. Just a matter of remembering. And accepting. And being a good, worthwhile citizen… and dialing down the lies and harm, and petty whims. Of course, they co-exist with this book. What makes the book so appealing is the subject aligning with universal human truth: these bodies, oh precious body that I abuse, are but shades covering the light!

  49. carol says:

    Marcos: So absolutely beautifully said. I feel deeply that you are speaking the truth. Thank you, thank you, for voicing so perfectly this longing, this truth, that we all share.,

  50. George Neo says:

    Re-posting from December 15, 2015 (see the complete post above) =

    Why be ‘disappointed’? The Writings are ‘Real’ in someone’s imagination, just as our Waking Reality is ALSO a product of ‘Image-Ination’, There Is No Difference!
    If the information ‘Resonates’ as ‘Truth’, then it is YOUR truth that is beyond Reality! From CwG: “Finally, I’ve grasped the Truth”. “Careful, you mean YOUR truth, right? The Truth does not exist as an objective reality.” Home with God

    The NEW Conversations with God Book 4 material, Awaken the Species, urges us to think Inter-Dimensionally, then OF COURSE the writings are REAL, the 3rd-Dimension is just FAR TOO LIMITED! EDs is FAR MORE APPROPRIATE than ETs, that’s why we can’t find them, & much of Baird’s writings are Inter-Dimensional. Let’s Open our Minds & Hearts! Our Future depends on it, & it’s the Perfect Time for Advancement, NOW!

    If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve started a new Study Group on these new CwG teachings, see .

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